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By Seraiel Grace Mantle

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Red Galactic Earth - 20/1/05
NEW: Screening of 'Indigo' movie in Glastonbury & UK.

NEW: More talks with 'Avalon Rising'.

Blue Spectral Hand - 10/1/05
'Children of the New World' website.

White Crystal Wind - 16/12/04
Articles by Hugh Newman, Mark Heley & Geoff Stray.

Red Spectral Moon - 24/10/04
'New Human Nutrition'
(Nutrition and non-toxic health chapter from the forthcoming book).



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Aloha and Welcome

Thank you all for being patient with updating the site. I have been having a busy summer and have been focussed on completing the forthcoming book, which is constantly mutating (like all of us). I'm able to stay in one place this autumn/winter and will be keeping things up to date as best I can. Please note the 'nutrition' section that has recently been posted - it answers many questions concerned parents have been asking. We are also holding a series of talks in Somerset over the coming moons, which cover a lot of the type of knowledge this site promotes. See Updates for information on these. We will also be setting up video screenings in London - so keep checking the site cherubs.........Hugh x

This website is dedicated to the amazing new breed of children that are incarnating here on Earth right now. They have been given many categories: Indigo Children, Chinas super-psychics, Blue-Ray Children, Crystal Children, Children of the New Earth, Mystic Children and most recently Rainbow Children.

I have been following these Children for over five years and my life has been transformed to say the least. The wisdom and compassion of these soul-filled beings has started waking people up to the idea that we are in the middle of the process of ascension. These kids are living evidence that a dimensional shift is occurring which is set to peek in the years to come. The Mayans pin-pointed this date to December 21st 2012.

After a chance meeting with some of the Children and after attending the ‘Psychic Children speak to the World’ conference in Hawaii, this set me on a path to write the forthcoming book. With the inspired guidance of the Children, my journey has now blossomed in to a deeper understanding of what is really going on as we move into this higher vibration. Many clues left by the Children have now been fully researched, and the synchronicities that followed have allowed me to uncover the secrets of the Psychic Children. Join me, as we uncover these secrets one by one.

Feel free to send in your own stories, insights, feedback and links. We will do our best to post them on the website.

Blessings of Love….Inlakesh…………..Hugh xxx


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