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Grandma Chandra - age 17

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Grandmother Chandra

Grandmother Chandra is a 19-year-old multiply handicapped and mute psychic young woman from America. She was recognised as a great master back in 1998 on the day after the Autumn Equinox. Chief Standing Elk of the Lakota Sioux tribe got a knock on his door that changed his life forever. Here it is in his own words:

There was a beautiful lady standing outside the door, and she said hello, my name is Cat and then she asked me, "Do you know someone by the name of Standing Elk?" I said, "Yes, I'm Standing Elk".
Then she said, "My daughter wants to know who this Standing Elk is, because he kept her up all night playing his flute, singing and making her dance. She came to find out who he is." I asked her, "Is she with you?"
She said "yes."
I asked her to bring her in. In a few minutes she entered the house with this beautiful young woman. She carried her into the living room placed her gently on the couch. There she sat, so innocent and beautiful and she began "looking around" and feeling the spirit and atmosphere of the energy around her. She said (via telepathy), "I want to talk to Standing Elk!"
I immediately said, "I know you! You are my grandmother!" She said "Yes, Yes, Yes!"
She said, "I want to know about the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator". I told her, "You already know them". She said "Yes, Yes, Yes!"
Then she asked me, "Why am I like this? I cannot do anything with my body, but my mind is perfect! Why? What is my purpose here?"
I told her, "You are to teach the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator. The reason you are the way you are is because of the effect you will have on mankind. We are the ones that failed to communicate with the children, we don't have time for the children with the problems that you have physically. Instead we stick them in hospitals and institutions and let them wither away. We need to help the people understand that we can communicate now. Thanks to the efforts of your mother, Cat. She has opened the doors for the parents to learn that gift of sacred communication with their children."
She said,
"Yes, Yes, Yes!"

They continued communicated telepathically and she named herself ‘Screaming Eagle’ and was also awarded with the renowned position as their nations ‘Pipe carrier of peace’. She chose the name because when the eagle screams, it tells the truth. Chandra has also retained all the knowledge from her past lives and is able to communicate with dolphins, whales and ET's. She even told the audience at the conference that she was not human, but a 12th dimensional ET!

An example of wisdom from Chandra appeared in one of James Twyman’s emails in January last year. I just have to share what she said:

"The psychic (indigo) children are portals or gateways that spread peace upon the Earth. They are in different areas to open the earth's grids for the ascended masters to come through and bring peace consciousness to the planet. These children have special vision and have contracted to come to earth at this time.
There is a belief in a tremendous battle between the light and dark forces now.
Those who are aligned with peace will follow the children. There will be a great ascension into the Light by the people of the earth as well as the planetary ascension to the next level of consciousness ...all is just an illusion we have created because we have refused to rip away the veils to see what is real".

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