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Hawaii....oh yes.

The Hawaii Conference
The 'Lemuria' Ceremony
The Conference Begins



The Hawaii Conference

'The Psychic Children Speak to the World'
conference was organised by peace concert guru, James Twyman, author of such books as Emissary of Light and Secrets of the Beloved Disciple. Whilst singing his words of peace around the world, he stumbled upon these amazing children and got more deeply involved than he could have possibly imagined. He met several psychic children at a secret monastery in Bulgaria (see his book Emissary of Love) and connected with an amazing child called Thomas. You may be aware of the messages from Thomas that were circulated around the Internet during 2002. Anyway, within a few months and with the influence of the children supporting him, the conference quickly manifested into a gathering of like-minded souls eagerly anticipating the innate wisdom of these children.

My first encounter with Grandmother Chandra was at the hotel lobby where the conference was being held and she allowed me to join her for a 'Stargate opening ceremony', located in a residential area of Waikaloa near Mauna Kea, the Volcano cone that seems to be the source of it's energy, in north Hawaii. (You can contact Linda and Brian, the Stargate keepers, about this land StarGate that is here for many to experience the transformative energies: