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Hawaii....oh yes.

The Hawaii Conference
The 'Lemuria' Ceremony
The Conference Begins



The ‘Lemuria’ ceremony

After carrying Chandra in my arms (what an honour) to the right spot, we quickly concluded the ceremony on the windy hill. The energy was felt by all as it circulated around the thirteen of us. Apparently, this ceremony was part of the sequence of events which finally released and reactivated the ancient land of Lemuria, which is where The Big Island of Hawaii now stands. Now this bit of information really got under my skin. Initially I thought nothing of it, but strange things started happening throughout the conference that confirmed this.

The thirteen of us who participated in a ceremony had somehow allowed the souls that were trapped in the Lemuria cataclysm to become free and be released through the conference. Some people felt that all the people at the conference were once Lemurians. People kept being tapped on the shoulder and voices in their ear, only to find out no one was behind them! According to Saleena Ki, Chandra’s telepathic interpreter and good friend, we then "witnessed and assisted the landing of the Light body of Lemuria on top of the physical body of The Big Island, the tallest point of the ancient land of Lemuria being Mauna Kea, and anchored it again". It seems that throughout the conference, many different people were called to participate in archetypal roles in the sequence of events that lead up to the full restoration of Lemuria. When Grandmother Chandra was asked what this means in the real world, she asked us to feel into our hearts and see how open and easy the channels of love were now.

As part of the ceremony Saleena led us through a meditation that helped activate our light body, or Merkaba, a star tetrahedron shape that surrounds our body. Drunvalo Melchizedek was shown a method by Thoth several years ago, which is in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life books, but the technique we used seems a lot simpler. Saleena explained:

Vibrakey 20 by Saleena Ki

Using Vibrakey 20 (see diagram) I breathe prana up through the heart picking up self-compassion and send it to the pineal gland (the third eye chakra). At the same time I send prana through the crown chakra to the pineal and when they meet, spin them in either direction. It does not seem to matter which way, the send this special mixture to the central crystalline tube. When it gets full, you will feel ecstatic and very energized. It will also calm you if you are hyper. Use this energy to heal, to fuel the cells etc. Thoth gave me this breath to help us to remember that we already know about the Merkaba.

The ceremony took place on March 20th at 3pm, which synchronized with the spring Equinox, the astrological transition to Aries and according to some, the Mayan New Year (25th July is the ‘other’ Mayan New Year). Some notable events had already been experienced on the island. On 3/3/03 - the Christ and Mary consciousness (which also seemed to represent the divine feminine and the divine masculine) merged. On 8/3/03 - this newly merged consciousness, then merged with the dolphin and whale consciousness. And on 11/3/03, the stargate called NAAM was opened which strengthened the Earth's crystal grid, which the children have been creating and strengthening for some years. You might be wondering how all this ceremonial stuff seems to work. Well, Hawaii is 19.5 degrees below the equator and is a major point on the Earths energy grid, which allows this sort of work to be very potent. This will be discussed in detail in the chapter ‘The Planetary Grid’.