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UPDATE: White Crystal Wind: 16/12/04

2012 guru, Geoff Stray has kindly written this article to summarise the concern/excitement about winter solstice 2012AD and its relationship to the psychic children. It will be published in the next 'Avalon Rising' newsletter in March 2005.

What’s So Special About 2012?

by Geoff Stray

“So the 13-baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar of the Maya terminates on Winter Solstice 2012…so what? Another pseudo-apocalypse?”

The Maya inherited their basic calendrical information from the Olmecs who developed the Long Count between the second and first centuries BC. But as a matter of fact, there are several other independent sources that also mark 2012 as a conspicuous time.

- In the 1920s, a Seneca medicine man called Moses Shongo predicted that there would be a 25-year Earth purification period leading up to 2012.
In the 1950s, a Native American called Reuben Silverbird had an out-of-body experience in which he predicted a rebirth experience in 2012.
- In the 1970s, the Chinese oracle, the I Ching was found by Terence McKenna to encode a fractal time wave that terminates late in 2012.
- In the 1980s, the Paqos, who are priests of the Q’ero tribe living high in the Andes in Peru, announced that their Pachakuti formula – the overturning of spacetime – would start in 1990 and last 22 years. Thus 2012 would bring the start of a Golden Age called Taripay Pacha, when the upper world, lower world and everyday world will unite.

All these other sources knew nothing of the Maya Long Count, so what can it all mean?

“Mystical experiences” such as
· hypnotic progression,
· out-of body experiences,
· near-death experiences,
· lucid dreams,
· remote viewing,
· alien abduction,
· meditative trance states

have all produced a certainty in some experiencers that 2012 is a time of special significance.

It seems that a clue may lie in human neurochemistry, since Terence McKenna accessed the information about 2012 when using an entheogenic mushroom, and the Maya used the same mushroom, which contains psilocybin – a compound closely related to dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Dr.Rick Strassman has recently confirmed that at birth, death, and during mystical experiences, the pineal gland in the centre of the human brain secretes DMT into the blood. So perhaps the Maya shamans, and the medicine men and priests of North and South America were able to activate the secretion of DMT (or achieve the same result using psilocybin or ayahuasca – a jungle brew containing DMT), and access some sort of global mega-mind - the developing consciousness of the Earth mother. After all, the 13-baktun cycle is a 260-unit cycle and thus a macroscopic version of the 260-day sacred Tzolkin calendar, which is based on the period of human gestation, so the 13-baktun cycle may measure a planetary gestation period of 5,125 years, which is the length of human civilization’s history. According to Peter Russell, there are 1010 molecules in a human neuron, and 1010 neurons in the human neo-cortex of the brain. The population of the Earth is currently over 109 and heading for 1010. When the critical number is approached, the parts lose their individual identities (“egos”) and become components of a larger whole. Thus the Earth is about to give birth to its own human neo-cortex, as we become human neurons in a global brain.

The 5,125-year 13-baktun cycle is exactly one eighth of the 41,000-year period of the “variation of obliquity” cycle (change in the angle of axis tilt) that is used to calculate ice-melt cycles. The baktun itself is 400 years long, which is the period of rotation of the Earth’s core, and thus invites the speculation that a geomagnetic reversal is on the cards for 2012. By many accounts, the Earth is overdue for a magnetic reversal, and although most geologists would say a reversal takes thousands of years, the Steens Mountain volcanic record indicates that the field can move at up to 6 degrees per day, meaning that a reversal could happen in only 30 days.

John Major Jenkins has made a strong case that the Maya were tracking the cycle of precession with their Long Count calendar. This is the 26,000-year cycle in which the Earth’s axis, which is 23.5 degrees off “vertical”, rotates in a circle, and is measured by the movement of constellations against the fixed positions of the rising equinox or solstice Sun. The winter solstice 2012 termination point of the 13-baktun cycle indicates a 36-year time window (1980 to 2016) in which the winter solstice Sun rises on the galactic equator. A Russian biochemist called Simon Shnoll has established that human biochemistry (and neurochemistry) is affected by the Earth’s orientation to the stars and by the sunspot cycle, (that is due to reach solar maximum in 2012), and another scientific paper published by James Spotiswoode indicates that psychic ability in humans increases massively when Galactic Centre is rising on the horizon.

So this Galactic Alignment process could indicate a time-window that will see the first examples of an altered humanity – some think that we can expect an increased telepathic ability, as seems to be the case with the “psychic children”. If a geomagnetic reversal is involved, or an electro-magnetic pulse wave, there is a possibility that the functioning of electronic devices would be compromised, and some say that humans would lose their memory, thus ending all conflict, since the reason for fighting would be forgotten. Others think that it could trigger mass out-of-body experiences or the rising of Kundalini – the fire serpent of Hindu lore that lies dormant at the base of the spine, and can, under special circumstances, rise up the spine to the brain, when ego is annihilated and enlightenment is achieved. This interpretation is reinforced by the recently published lost Aztec codex, The Pyramid of Fire, (see John Major Jenkins’ recent book of this name), in which the feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan is revealed to be the same as Kundalini, and is directly connected with 2012.

There have been many speculations and theories about what 2012 may bring, and these can be generally grouped into the subheadings of catastrophic or ecstatic. All these theories are analysed in the forthcoming book, Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy, which is due out in February/March 2005.