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Dolphins and Whales

There is a true story about two pods of whales on opposite sides of the Planet during late July 2002. It was widely reported that in Sydney Harbour, a group of whales performed to onlookers for hours. At precisely the same time, the same number of whales beached themselves on the coast of Cape Cod in America. Most of these whales died. So what did the Bulgarian Psychic child Thomas think about this in his mass-email he sent out on James Twyman's website:

We still have time! The universe is trying to show us that we have a choice. Which will we choose? The fact that these two things happened at the same time in different parts of the world tells us that humanity has a unique opportunity. We stand on the brink of a "choice point," which means that two different words are existing side by side, and our emotions will decide which will remain.

The scientists of the world have been speaking of these "choice points" for many years, though one such as this is very rare. The impact of our choice is beyond anything we can describe. All we can say is that your choice will reveal the path you will walk toward Grace and Enlightenment. The path may be difficult or it may be peaceful. It is up to you. The work the Children are doing right now is meant to make that shift peaceful, but the result will be the same either way. That is why fear is not appropriate, but caution is. You have an important role to play in choosing which of these two experiences will rule. Think of the whales for a moment. One group gave its life to reveal the impact of our choices.

Will their lives be given in vain? The other group took a step toward humanity, showing what is possible if we make the choice of peace. Do you remember when we [the Psychic Children] told you how you will be able to tell which path humanity has chosen? If the whales and dolphins begin interacting with humans in closer ways, then you will know you have chosen well. But if they retreat and die, then you will know that the road ahead will be very difficult. But your success is assured because the Truth cannot be denied forever. We only ask that you choose well, for today's children and tomorrow's.
If you choose peace now and allow your minds to flow into that reality, then the political systems will adjust on their own, and you will see the results of that in the world. Your emotions are the key. It is the tool you will use to draw the chosen world into your conscious experience. Your collective emotions have the ability to influence weather patterns and even end wars. You have done this many times without realizing it. If you continue claiming the world you want by "feeling" that world in your emotions, then it will be so. But if you continue to be influenced by the fear that is so present today, then the world will reflect that as well. We, your Children, are asking you to choose love over fear. Then the whales and the dolphins will fulfil their role and give us back the information they store within each cell. It is so important that this happen. The circle of life cannot be broken now. Use your feelings of love to draw the reality you really want. We still have more to share.

We love you, Thomas