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Thomas & the Crop Circle

Thomas’ messages did not end there. Within weeks something appeared in the fields of England that invited another message from this amazing child. On August 14th, at the same time Thomas was sending us his warning about the low frequency sonar that is beginning to destroy ocean mammals all over the world, a crop circle of dolphins surrounding the Earth appeared in Alton Barnes in Wiltshire. It clearly shows two dolphins surrounding a small sphere, with three circles around that sphere. It looks a lot like dolphins symbolically protecting the Earth and the three ‘grids’ that are being strengthened around it. I was fortunate to see this formation with my friend Ben whilst driving through Wiltshire. Check it out for yourself.

‘Dolphin’ Crop circle, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire August 14th 2002
Courtesy of

From Thomas:
Are you surprised that this information is being presented to you in this new way?
These crop circles are communicating with your inner mind, and the message is clear. The Psychic Children have been telling you that we stand at the brink of an incredible awakening, and that the dolphins and whales play a critical role. Why, then, are we trying to destroy them, so that we won't have to hear their message or receive their Gift? The deployment of the low frequency sonar is how you have chosen to close your ears to their Gift, and to their cries for help. Why else would you seek to destroy their hearing, causing them to beach themselves and die? This is a wake up call, and it is not just from the Children, or even the dolphins and whales. Now it is coming from your brothers and sisters from other dimensions and planets.

That is why this dolphin crop circle was revealed at exactly the same time these messages are being distributed. What will you do? Will you open your heart and become part of the creative solution? Or will you turn the other way, even though there are so many who are trying to snare your attention? This is the moment you must decide? The Children are pulling humanity to the next level in its evolution, but only if you allow it. There is a code in this crop circle that only your super-conscious mind will comprehend. It may reveal your own role, how you can contribute to the world of peace and compassion.

It is so important that people all over the world see this crop circle, for it will activate you in ways your mind cannot understand. Please send this e-mail to everyone you can so others will be activated as well. It is so important.
This is the time you must respond.

We love you,