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Bruce Cathie's Grid

Bruce Cathie & The Discovery in the Oceans

Back in the 1950’s Bruce Cathie was working for the New Zealand Military. When he was out flying planes and spending time on boats he kept seeing UFO’s. By 1965 he realised there was a pattern emerging as to the flight paths of these crafts. He became fascinated by this and soon discovered the UFO’s were indeed following straight-line paths. He mapped them out and found a ‘grid system’ over New Zealand and the surrounding ocean. This led him to the realisation that the entire Earth had this ‘Grid’.

Cathie is not a trained scientist or Mathematician in any way, but upon reading his work, you can tell he has an advanced knowledge of his subject. In fact his work was so far ahead of his time several Government agencies have offered him $millions to sell them his research and to keep his mouth shut about his ongoing discoveries.

A French researcher by the name of Aime Michel had been carrying out similar work in Europe. She had found that the distances between parallel flight-paths were estimated at 54.46 kilometres. Converted to nautical miles, Cathie discovered that the paths were exactly 30 nautical miles apart. One nautical mile is exactly one minute of arc on the Earth’s surface; therefore sixty nautical miles would be one degree of arc. There are 360 degrees in a circle or sphere, so what we have here is a harmonic between the Earth’s Energy Grid and the shape of the sphere – the Earth itself! Perhaps a long time ago it was the Grid discovery that gave us the mathematics of the circle. Cathie checked his discovery with many other UFO researchers and found that his theory was being taken seriously, much to the dislike of the ‘Government Agencies’.

Image of the ‘Aerial’ 13,500 feet deep in the ocean.

The oceans held the next stage of his global-grid formula. He had noticed that many reports of UFO’s entering the sea at certain locations. He put these locations onto his grid-map and found them to be crossing points on the grid. But it was a photograph of an unknown structure 13,500 feet deep off the coast of Cape Horn in South America that really caught his attention. It appeared to be a large metal ariel of some sort with geometrically placed bars protruding out from it at certain angles. He checked his grid-map and found that this was also a major crossing point and that the direction bars corresponded with the direction of the grid lines. This piece of information and his research up to that point allowed him to form a detailed version of the grid he had discovered. David Wilcock was the first to point out that Cathie had unknowingly discovered the cube and octahedron inside a sphere – the first stage of the platonic solids within the Grid.

Cathie’s Grid showing Cube and
Octahedron points inside a sphere

The underwater structure and UFO’s entering the ocean links with the research of Joan Ocean. She says that the Government’s sonar experiments disrupted these electro-magnetic lines of the Earth so that the UFO’s could no longer navigate our oceans. It also suggests that there are indeed underwater bases set up by ET’s. Cathie also once saw a fast-horizontal moving UFO ‘fire’ a glowing rod into the sea at a precise vertical angle that defied the laws of physics. He concluded that the UFO had aimed the rod at a particular point on the ocean floor, which could have been linked to the ‘aerial’ found at Cape Horn.