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The Platonic solids

The five Platonic solids hold the key to understanding the Planetary Grid system. Already we have seen that the cube and octahedron are present in Cathie’s work. Hoagland unlocked the star-tetrahedron, so now we only need to find the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Here is a diagram of the Platonic solids in a sequence that relates to the progression of vibration, the ancient Indian theory of how they correspond to colour sequence and the notes in a ‘pure Diatonic’ scale. Therefore what they are really showing us is the dimensions we, and the Universe are slowly travelling through. We are currently in the ‘Octahedron’ or ‘Third’ dimension/density and will soon be moving into the ‘Star-Tetrahedron’ or ‘fourth’ dimension/density (Wilcock believes we already have shifted – we just haven’t let go of the third yet).

The ‘Octave’ of Platonic Solids (Wilcock 1999)

This gives us an indication of the importance of the Star-Tetrahedron Platonic solid and its relationship to the next phase of our evolution. All the teachers who are teaching the ‘Merkaba’ technique might be on to something. It is as though it is a preparation for the next dimension. One thing that needs to be made clear before we continue is the nature of dimensions. ‘Density’ is a more appropriate word, because it is the third density we are in and not really the third dimension. Dimensions exist simultaneously, whereas densities show a distinct progression to higher frequencies. So from now on, density will be used instead of dimensions.