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The Octahedral Universe

So if we are in the ‘Octahedron’ Density, how can we prove it? In a scientific paper discussing super clusters, called The Egg-Carton Universe by Drs. E.Battaner and E.Florido an image showing the the shape of a local part of the cosmos. Wilcock, nor myself can believe this is relatively unknown information. This should rewrite cosmology in one go, but what is even more amazing is that this information has been around for over ten years. Does this information collate into the idea that the entire Cosmos is shifting from an Octahedron to a Star-Tetrahedron matrix? It could also give a clearer account of how energy passes through our Galaxy. The lines of force represented in the straight lines in this image could be the 'Photon Band' that was mentioned in the DNA chapter. Perhaps it is not a band, but a straight line of force from Galactic centre to Galactic anti-centre. Basically, an area of highly charged Universal energy; the geometric binder of the Universe.

The two large octahedra closer to the Milky Way. (Battaner and Florido, 1997)

At this point, I would like to acknowledge the David Wilcock. He has inspired me with his thorough research into many of the more scientific subjects I am writing about and presented them in a way the layman can grasp. Check out his website at for free downloadable books and articles.

Maurice Cotterell discovered that the Sun also has the same inner Octahedral geometric structure, as can be seen in this diagram. The main sunspot activity is located at these precise geometric points.

Octahedral energy patterns within the Sun (Wilcock 2000)