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The Higher Chakras

This fits into two major parts of the jigsaw regarding the planetary grid and our higher charkas and how they connect. The three chakras above the head are a direct link to the Crystal/Christ consciousness grid around the earth. But what is really interesting is that the 9th chakra is a dodecahedron with the other platonic solids floating around it. Michael Poynder rediscovered this in his book The Lost Magic of Christianity. Here is Poynders description of these three chakras:

8th Chakra – The chakra of the Higher Self, the spirit, the Christ Consciousness. A sphere of blue-white light with hundreds of points in all directions. First manifested as a three to twelve-pointed star, and the eight-pointed star of the Knights’ Templars. Out of this chakra, healing through pure love is possible.

9th Chakra – A golden, oval ring, with the longer sides wider than the shorter sides. Inside the ring, three-dimensional forms appear, one at a time, representing the five elements. The form pictures within the ring represents spiritual power, the binding element, the essence, the dodecahedron. Around the ring the other elements are drawn: earth, water, air, fire. According to some, this chakra is the archetype of the self. Psychics can see a damaged ring in case of illness or ailment. Spiritual healers can apply healing here. The five Platonic solids (tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, cube and dodecahedron) represent the building blocks of reality and the life force.

10th Chakra – Round this sphere, blue cord-like shapes are moving in a jerky way. This chakra is considered the archetype of the Earth and suggests our unbreakable connection with Mother Earth and our responsibility for ‘Her’, for Gaia – the Goddess.