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It can now be seen that these charkas are the connector to the Grid, through Christ Consciousness, the Platonic Solids and a love for Mother Earth. These factors represent the divine triad of knowledge that is vital for successful earth grid work. To successfully anchor the Grid energy into ourselves and the Earth, we must be fully conscious and have strong intentions to do so. Calling on Metatron to assist in the process will also help, as will visualising what you want the outcome to be. Remember – we are the ones now responsible for our own evolution. The Children have come here to help lead the way. They are not responsible for our move into the next Density. It is the teacher/pupil scenario, where the teacher just shows the way and the actual work must be carried out by the pupil for his own (and the Earth’s) salvation.

We now know exactly where the Grid is across our Planet. But us Humans, we also influence this Grid so some degree. The Grid is therefore constructed and altered as to where we choose to position ourselves within it. This helps explain why many sacred sites are not directly on the Grid. David Wilcock addressed another reason that the sacred sites are not on ‘node-points’. He believes they are placed at complex intersections or stress points between the Grid and other forces on the Planet. The Earthworks and stone circles were “constructed where they needed to be built”.

When channelling Ra, he came up with this information:

These separate points had structures built around them in order to make them useful for the purposes of healing and / or planetary balancing. These were the two primary functions, as we have already stated in the Ra Material. So therefore, in going about this in the most complete way possible, we can see that without having done this to such amazing fastidiousness and precision, then the system itself would have been incomplete. In many cases, it was the structure itself that was of highest import, not as much the way that it was built, which was to encode its grid latitude and longitude position.
The structure itself was necessary to be built along certain lines in order to regularize the energy flows therein. And thus, you do see a great many stone circles, or earth circles, as in certain cases, the circle is by far the most adequate energy regularizer for grid fluctuations. Remember that these grid fluctuations are caused largely by the consciousness of the planet's inhabitants.

The ‘Earth Circles’ Ra mentioned are widespread around the Planet. Wandlebury Ring, just outside Cambridge is an example that has been officially called an ‘Iron Age Hill fort’. Archeological and astronomical surveying in 1976 by the O’Brians in their comprehensive work The Shining Ones, proved that Earth-circles such as these are placed at precise locations with regard to astronomical alignments and mathematic formula. It was later found out by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in their book The Sun and the Serpent that a powerful feminine energy line ran through this site – ‘The Mary Line’.

Michael & Mary Ley-Lines from 'The Sun & The Serpent'.

So what we are seeing here is that these locations around the Planet have been set up for us to use now. They even have the information encoded within them to reconfigure the global grid based upon the coordinate points of the Earthworks themselves. Ra continues:

And so, this was indeed a very important way of keeping track of their own system of measurements, to then have a living file index, if you will, that allows for the necessary information to be reconstructed at will if even one earthwork was found, and the code then understood to the initiate in dreams and visions and the like.
It is up to us to get out to these sites and spend time being very conscious there. The vortices and lines that connect with these places have powerful effects on human consciousness and on the planet

Wilcock explains:
[The lines and vortices] are capable of causing time-space dilations and spontaneous shifts in spiritual consciousness. Now, we will see that the people who lived around them put a lot of energy into determining their precise locations. With the proper constructions in place, the energies of these lines could be harnessed and utilized directly for effects such as levitation and planetary balancing as well as experiments in human consciousness.

3,300 ancient sacred sites have been discovered on the Bethe/Hagens Grid so far and there are probably many more. So what we have here is an ancient wisdom connecting with modern wisdom. The builders from the past knew we needed their knowledge today, so that we could have a smooth ride through to the next density. It suggests the Psychic Children are the reincarnations of these advanced ancients and they are just continuing their work. As the Earth reconfigures herself, we must keep up with the ‘maintenance’ work to keep her running smoothly. The children know this and this is one of their main teachings. The Hopi Indians knew this too. In one of their prophecies they describe the Earth surface as being similar to the back of a spotted fawn:

As the fawn grows, the spots move and change number. Similarly, every time the Earth Mother sings a new song or enters a new vibrational shift, Her power centers also change to a new configuration, interconnected by a more complex sacred geometry.

The Hopi were onto something. They knew about the shift from the Octahedral Density to the Star-Tetrahedron density. Yes, the ‘spots’ are changing on the ‘fawn’ and we are the ones who are facilitating the final process before the change.

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