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Bringing it all Together

So throughout this work we are seeing the various subjects connect into one encompassing whole – the understanding that the Psychic Children have come into existence to help us through the massive dimensional shift predicted for 2012. The cutting edge DNA research has shown that genetic mutation is a reality. We have seen that the galaxy and the Sun are bringing in highly charged energy into the Earth and ourselves, which is affecting the rapid DNA change. The Mayans knew all this and have encoded it into their incredible calendars. The dolphins, whales and the ET’s are all involved with the work on the Planetary Grid and the ancients plotted it out for us many thousands of years ago. It is all pointing to the fact that we are living in a unique time in the history of the Galaxy. A time that is coming to an end, with a rebirth of a totally new existence.

Overall it all boils down to one thing though – Love. We must love what we are doing and love every other being unconditionally, because this is the ultimate connector – to the Grid, to other Humans, to the Earth and to God. Without this factor, the whole point of the information in this work becomes obsolete; In fact, the whole point of existence becomes obsolete! The Grids can be the connector we all desire. It is the binding principle of our planet. The combination of these divine principles will give us the joyous ride into the next dimension we are all destined for.

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