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2nd to 6th August 2006

Aloha & welcome to the Earth Energies & Divinatory Arts Area 2006
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As we prepare for the coming changes, a deeper understanding of the energetic function of the earth is being revealed. We can map, study & observe the physical body of Gaia but, as quantam physics has revealed, the mystical & invisible is returning to mass consciousness. The standing stones are speaking again, crop circles are unlocking dormant codes in our DNA and divining truth from the Stars & the Earth is regaining credibility. The Oneness is revealing itself.
At the 2006 event we continue to reveal the ancient knowledge & secrets of the ages, through esoteric enquiry and practical workshops. The mystical realm is returning to those that choose to be of service to the new way. It is up to us to reclaim guardianship of our one and only and step in to the roles that we were born to do.

The global grid is shifting geometry, our DNA is activating, our past-lives are returning to our dreams & science is proving the earth and us are One organism. We are truly stepping beyond the veil. Join us as we explore the realms of possibility & potential entering the final years of time as we know it.
2006 sees an expansion in the EEDA area. The stone circle is aligned with other sacred sites and the stars in the sky. Designed by John Martineau and built by geomancer Shaun Kirwan and his team, the structure drew people to the EEDA area at which a successful ceremony took place on 'Rainbow Serpent Day'. The focus was on activating the Earths heart chakra which is said to be located at Glastonbury.

The Stone Circle in the 'Earth Energies' area

The EEDA has use of the entire field in 2006, so we are spreading our wings and using the space wisely. The small quarry will be a shamanic earth area by day and an esoteric cinema by night. We also welcome The Antiquarian Society who will be teaching us the ways of archeoastronomy and geomancy. The area will also have a stone labyrinth and the current stone circle will have a beautifully lit-up avenue leading to it. The Megalithic Portal will also be present, unlocking the secrets of the Stones.

Speakers booked so far include:

JONATHAN CAINER - Cosmic Ordering
SIMON PETER FULLER - Christ Consciousness & The Rainbow Serpent
CHRIS TRWOGA - Shamanism and Sacred Landscapes
NATALIE KEYS - Building a Light Body
JIM RAYNER - Stonehenge Solstice Ritual & Ceremony
JOHN MARTINEAU - Sacred Geometry of Stone Circles
GEOFF STRAY - Beyond 2012 & the Mayan Calendar
RONI GAIL - Demystifying the Qabala & Magical Passes
ANDY BURNHAM - The Megalithic Portal
MICHAEL GLICKMAN - Crop Circles & Megaliths

HUGH NEWMAN – EEDA Co-ordinator

The 2006 Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Conference
will be held in Marlborough on the 12th and 13th of August. Hugh Newman and Michael Glickman will be amongst the speakers.

More information on the 2006 conference will be available soon.

A New Generation of Family Gathering is on its way. From June 16th - 21st 2006, Sunrise Summer Solstice Celebration will unfold on a 1000 acre estate in South Somerset.

Complete with many familiar Green Field faces and a range of innovative and unique offerings, Sunrise promises 5 beautiful midsummer days of contemporary music and performing arts, permaculture and sustainable living. The festival blends healing arts and electronica, ancient vibrations and new-time culture, visionary art with green crafts - an alchemical synthesis of science, art, spirituality and culture. We are seeking to pioneer a new concept in Festival design offering the highest quality of production and excellent value, combined with strong ecological and ethical standards. 13 autonomous areas complete with 6+ stages provide a wide range of great activities, entertainment, education, information and celebration. Through these, we aim to facilitate personal and planetary transformation, inspiring creativity, imagination and the re-discovery of our sense of community and family.
AVALON RISING will be hosting a sacred earth mysteries area devoted to healing gaia and tuning into the minds of our ancestors – our ancient kin who designed, coordinated and built our Megalithic landscape. The area will have a geomantic garden with a medicine wheel, a conference dome presenting talks with international speakers, an evening cinema, the 'changing World' ambient chill-out marquee, esoteric book & health consciousness stalls and organic and vegan cafes.

Confirmed speakers include:
GRAHAM HANCOCK - 'Supernatural' & Ancient Civilisations
GEOFF STRAY - 2012 prophecies & the Maya
HUGH NEWMAN – Planetary Grids & Earth Energies
GORDON STRONG - Stanton Drew stone Circle
SHAUN KIRWAN – Geomancy & Creating Sacred Space
ANDY WORTHINGTON - Pagan Reinvention of Stonehenge
REBECCA BLOOM - Inheriting the Earth through Ethical Business

JIM RAYNER - Summer Solstice Ritual & Ceremony
JAKE EWEN – Cymatics & Sacred Geometry
ANDY BURNHAM - The Megalithic Portal
SUNBIRD - Water Magic & Alchemy

Hugh Newman

The Psychic Children:
Galactic Alignment, DNA & the Planetary Grid

Exploring the changes taking place with our children, the planetary grid, human DNA and throughout our galaxy.
Hugh will give an overview of his journey with the 'psychic children' phenomena. Since meeting Grandmother Chandra at a conference in Hawaii, he was initiated into working on the planetary grid and learned about the extreme changes that are taking place - in human DNA and throughout our galaxy. He also explores the role of the planetary grid & earth energies as we head in to galactic alignment 2012.

22nd May, 2006. Ambrose Church Hall, 72 West Cliff Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, BH4 8BE. Doors open at 7pm and we shall start with a short meditation at 7.45.
Info: 01202 581898

Meetings of the Sherborne group are held on Mondays at Digby Church Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne (opposite Sherborne Abbey). Meeting start at 7.30pm. Admission £4, Contact Jean 01963 220323.

Monday 27th March
"Earth Energies & the Rainbow Serpent"

The Michael & Mary energy lines stretch far past the shores of our sacred Isle. From the tip of Cornwall to the East Anglian coast of Hopton-on-Sea, this powerful energy current circumnavigates the entire planet. The English 'segment' has been dowsed, recorded and documented in its entirety, but the global 'Rainbow Serpent' has been overlooked until Simon Peter Fuller and Robert Coon instigated an interest in this mystery over a decade ago. Recent revelations have sparked a new worldwide fascination in the real meaning and purpose of this incredible natural energy source. At tonight’s talk, we will be demonstrating with visuals the latest research on the global energy current and how this fits into current research on the planetary grid. Also looking into the planetary chakra system and landscape zodiacs.

Southern Conference tour 2005

The Children of the New World Southern tour 2005 is here. This year we are sharing the vibe with the rest of the South of England. Our three events kick off with:

18th September - Bedford Moat House Hotel, Bedford.
2nd October - Keays theatre, St Austell, Cornwall. CANCELLED
6th November - Sallis Benney theatre, Brighton.

So spread the word. More details of speakers to follow. So far we have Phil Clothier, Margaret Opio, Mary English, Soleira Green,
Hugh Newman, Christopher Sell and many more.

Thursday 8th December
Hugh Newman - The Planetary Grid, Earth Energies & the Rainbow Serpent

The Sols Arms, 65-68 Hampstead Road, London NW1.
Tickets £6 - includes refreshments. Time 7pm to 10pm.
Nearest tube stations Warren Street and Euston.


Hugh Newman
"The Psychic Children, Galactic Alignment
& the Planetary Grid"

Venue :- The Village Hall, Scoriton, Nr Buckfastleigh.
Date:- 3rd October 2005
Time:- 7.30pm til 9pm

Michael Glickman will speak at the above venue on Sept 20th.
Stuart Dike and Mark Fussell..'Crop Circle Connector' on Nov 7th.

Directions; A38 come off a Junction signed, Totnes Kingsbridge Dartmouth Buckfastleigh. Follow Buckfast Abbey brown sign, go pass Abbey entrance and follow up hill to cross roads. Turn right sign post Holne & Scoriton also see sign to Tradesmans Arms Inn. Follow this lane approx 3 miles you will see a celtic cross on side of lane. Go pass this and the next left signed Scoriton follow to village you will see pub on right and pass this is the village hall also on right.

Sunday 11th September 2005 , 11am - 9pm
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL

Entrance: £5 / £3 Concession / Under 16s Free

Providing inspiration and information for empowering individuals to make positive lifestyle changes towards achieving a sustainable, peaceful and loving global community.

Hugh Newman will be talking at 4pm
"Non-toxic health for the new human"
covering microwave radiation, fluoride, aspartame, toxic bathroom products etc and how to balance the effects with nutrition and new technologies.

Tube: Holborn (Central and Picadilly Lines)
To car share, for those outside of London visit

2000 kin ceremony at....

Coordinated by AVALON RISING
August 3rd - 7th 2005, in the Mendip Hills, Somerset

Workshops run by these lovely cherubs, amongst others...
Nicholas R.Mann - earth working & energy secrets of the land.
Phil Burbidge - the secrets of the Cathars.
Rita Hraiz - initiating us into chakras, sacred sexuality and planetary changes.
Simon Peter Fuller - Rainbow Serpent traveler and planetary peace coordinator.
Hugh le Provost - secrets of ascended masters & the gypsy connection.
Geoff Stray - ‘Beyond 2012’, examining prophecies & debunking the rubbish.
Hugh Newman – planetary grid secrets & psychic children.
Michael Glickman – dimensional shift & crop circles.
Jonathan Cainer – astrological insights through the stars & beyond.
Nik Kollerstrom – secrets of the Sun, Moon & Stonehenge.
Mark Heley – prophetic alliances of Druidic & Mayan calendars.
Natalie Keys – ‘medicine for the earth’ – the shamanic way.
Richard Creightmore – dowsing for geopathic stress & earth energies.
Jon Atkinson – magic plant medicine with responsibility.
Tim Learmount – Lifeforce Generators to protect from radiation.
Man from Story Mountain – stories that crafted the earth.
Merlin – creating Druid Tree calendars.
Shaun Kirwan – dowsing earth energies & ley lines.
Paradox – time traveling & telepathy the ‘dreamspell’ way..
Ashera Hart – shamanic sound & vocal healing.
Anthony John Kennish – the Michael & mary energy lines.
Julie Rocka – spellcraft & environmental stress.
Lys Wild – stretch the stress away with contact yoga.

Every year on Green Day, the Day-Out-Of-Time, July 25th, millions of people in 92 countries around the world come together to celebrate their liberation from the rat race sustaining ideology that "Time is Money".

Thanks to the 13 Moon Calendar Change their is now a genuine alternative to the world of clock and wage slavery.This is the inspiring ideology that "Time is Art".
This new perspective on Time leads to an experience of life as a song to be sung and a dance to be danced, rather than a struggle and competition to be won...
"boy meets girl", rather than "dog eat dog"!

This is "Natural Time" as opposed to the artificial arbitrary nature of "Clock Time".
This is "Quality Time", which can only be felt in our hearts and minds and can never be measured by a lifeless mechanical unnatural device.

Activities for kids of all ages from 2 to 82

Circus skills including, juggling, acrobalance & stilt walking drumming
singing, dancing, painting, poetry & acting...
13 Moon Calendar and the Dreamspell (Tzolkin) codes

Reiki, Shiatsu, Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, Crystal Healing and Meditation

2012, Psychic Children, Future Science Now, Hemp, Permaculure, Lightowers and other Eco Solutions from Avalon Rising & Other Worlds are Possible

Live Music, Performance Poetry, Performance Art

£5 all day - Kids under 11 are free!
Info line/Paradox: 07840 346348 or email
for more info or if you would like to contribute to the day.

"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat"

Each month, Swirled News’s parent organisation SCR (Southern Circular Research) gathers in West Sussex, UK, to hear the latest crop circle news and views with slides, videos and guest speakers in a lively and friendly atmosphere. All are welcome. Afterwards, we move to The Potter’s pub for drinks and chat.

Summer meetings between June and September are entertaining updates of all the latest crop circle events with slides, videos and animated discussion! Spring and autumn dates are a mix of the latest news and a special guest speaker.

See details below for directions to our venue. Burgess Hill is easy to get to by road or rail, and is only 40 minutes train journey from London Victoria or London Bridge and our venue is a simple five minute walk from the station.

on Thurs 23rd June 2005 we present a talk with
Hugh Newman

"The Planetary Grid & The Rainbow Serpent"

Entrance is just opposite The Potter’s pub. Meetings held in the upstairs room at 8.00pm sharp. Admission: £4.00
For further details you can e-mail us at:
(For more info on the Rainbow Serpent, visit


some very interesting & esoteric talks in 2005 at...
The WHITE HART INN, SOMERTON (Near Glastonbury)
Doors 7pm, Starts 7.30pm.

Thursday 2nd June - White Spectral Dog
The Planetary Grid & the Rainbow Serpent

The Michael & Mary energy lines stretch far past the shores of our sacred Isle. From the tip of Cornwall to the East Anglian coast of Hopton-on-Sea, this powerful energy current circumnavigates the entire planet. The english 'segment' has been dowsed, recorded and documented in its entirety, but the global 'Rainbow Serpent' has been overlooked until Simon Peter Fuller and Robert Coon instigated an interest in this mystery over a decade ago. Recent revelations have sparked a new worldwide fascination in the real meaning and purpose of this incredible natural energy source. Hugh also demonstrates using slides how it fits in with current research into the planetary grid - a geometric, harmonic, internal energy structure that holds Gaia together. The grid regulates essential energy flow between different areas of the planet and balances the inflow and outflow of cosmic energy through sacred sites. He explains how the sites encode harmonic secrets of the earth and cosmos and even contain 'hidden' information about our past and future.

Hugh Newman has been studying sacred sites and crop circles for five years, but it was when he met some psychic children in Hawaii, that revelations about the planetary grid began to surface. Since then he has set up the psychic children website and is currently writing a book on the subject.

Parking opposite venue. Refreshments available.
Esoteric book & video stall. £4.00 entry £2 concessions.
The venue is in central Somerton next to the main bus-stop.
Tel: 07814 510513 / 01458 835756

2nd-6th June - The Oneness Celebration

For this year's festival we have found a beautiful, enchanted valley on the edge of Dartmoor, surrounded by ancient woodland, faery glades and tinkling brooks.

A unique sustainably powered gathering featuring amazing workshops, interactive art and theatre, great music and dancing with organic food, nice chill out spaces and lots of positive vibrations
Following the truly memorable first Oneness Celebration which celebrated last years Venus Transit, we present the second annual event in a series of eight that will culminate at the second Venus Transit in 2012!

The Interdimensional Circus
The Alchemical Cabaret Show
The Eartheart Tea Temple & Water Empowering System
Cinema Chill Out Space
T.L.C. Healing Village
Art For All Kids Space
Solar Powered Stage 100% renewable energy gathering
Live Food Organic Restaurant and bakery
The Common Unity Forum
Rainbow Serpent
Planet Art Network

Avalon Rising Workshops
with ...
Shaun Kirwan -
Earth Energies & Dowsing
Mark Heley -
Prophetic Alliance of Druid & Mayan Calendars
Rita Hraiz -
Chakra's, Initiation & Planetary Changes
Natalie Keys -
Medicine for the Earth
Ben Rayner -
Expanding Awareness
David Hatfield -
The Lost Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac
Leo Dexter -
At-one-ment, Ascension and 2012
Hugh Newman - The Planetary Grid & the Rainbow Serpent
Tim Learmount -
Orgone Generators
John Martineau -
The Harmonic Universe
Paradox -
Time & Telepathy
Rebecca Bloom -
Ayahuasca Travelling
Geoff Stray -
2012: Game Over or Next Level?
Jake Ewen -
Cymatics Sound Experiments
Man from Story Mountain -
Stories that Crafted the Earth
Roy Littlesun -
in Ceremony

Thursday 5th May (555) - White Solar Wind
The Lost Secrets of the Glastonbury Grail
David Hatfield takes us on an esoteric journey through the Glastonbury star-temple, looking at recent discoveries hidden within the original groundplan. Myths, legends and long-lost secrets have been decoded since he found he was living on the tail of the 'Girt Dog of Langport', the earthly representation of the Sirius Dog-Star. Working closely with intuitive geomancer, Shaun Kirwan, he can provide a unique angle on this classic earth mystery, rediscovered by Katherine Maltwood in the 1920's. Includes a report on the discovery of the Glastonbury Unicorn and an overview of the more esoteric nature of a prophecy that will be concluded by the year 2012.

David Hatfield has been researching myths and legends encoded within the Glastonbury Zodiac and spent time exploring the terrain of the the various effigies. He co-runs Avalon Rising and is planning a forthcoming book on the subject with Shaun Kirwan.

Thursday 7th April - White Resonant Wizard
Beyond 2012:Game Over or Next Level?

Geoff will give us a glimpse into his forthcoming book, Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy highlighting the revelations that have come to light over the last two years, including connections with the recent Venus transit. The first part of this Power Point presentation will follow some of the manifestations of the 2012 phenomenon starting in 1500 BC and continuing up until recent times. The second part will demonstrate how we should be discerning in our investigation and looks at clues from crop formations, sacred sites and snake and ladder symbolism, to find one possible line of interpretation as to what might happen at the end of the Mayan 13-baktun cycle in 2012. Includes an animation of the Aztec Sunstone.

Since 1982, Geoff Stray has been studying the meaning of the year 2012, and has collected and compared a wide range of visions, prophecies, myths, ideas and theories that were distributed first in a booklet, then on the Diagnosis2012 website, and most recently in a book, "Beyond 2012", due for publication in summer 2005.

Thursday 10th March - White Overtone World-Bridger
The Prophetic Alliance of
Druid & Mayan Calendars

A recent study of the stronomical alignments at Stonehenge, the druid tree calendar and how they connect with the advanced time-science of the Maya, to give us the bigger picture of the dynamic times we are living in. Mark will be sharing his new work integrating ancient wisdom with modern scientific discoveries. Be prepared to have your view of the cosmos changed forever.

Mark Heley coordinates the UK Planet Art Network website and designs and distributes Dreamspell 13 Moon calendars (when he's not a Galactic Federation Agent undertaking important missions).

Monday 31st January - Yellow Rhythmic Star
Human Devolution & Forbidden Archeology

“World-famous prehistorian shatters orthodox
view of humanity's ancient and spiritual origins”

In this slide-show presentation, Michael recovers the complete set of facts, consistent with accounts of extreme human antiquity (literally millions of years) in traditional literatures such as India's Puranas. In a remarkable audio-visual journey he travels across five continents to key archaeological sites, many long forgotten, some the centre of ongoing controversy. He reviews the evidence for extreme human antiquity presented in the first part of the lecture, and then asks "What is a human being?" We are composed of three things, matter, mind, and spirit. Michael explains how all three came together in the human form, based on his studies in the ancient Sanskrit writings of India.

Michael A. Cremo is an internationally known expert on the history of archaeology and anomalous archaeological evidence for extreme human antiquity. He is a research associate in the history of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute, Los Angeles, and is a member of the History of Science Society, the Philosophy of Science Association, and the European Association of Archaeologists. On, the world's largest internet bookseller, Michael's controversial underground classic "Forbidden Archaeology" (1993) is now no. 2 bestseller on evolution. He has recently written "Human Devolution", on the inner spiritual meaning of humanity's birth.


Thursday 6th January 2005 - Blue Resonant Night

The way we percieve time affects us as individuals and as a society. It affects our experience of reality, but using the 13 Moon / Dreamspell calendar as a new lens of looking at time, can empower us to reactivate the latent telepathic intelligence within our minds and our DNA.

Paradox has been an advertising MD, a Big-Issue seller, a park-bench bum and is now a Galactic Federation Agent and performance poet working in conjunction with the Planet Art Network.

Thursday 9th December 2004 - Blue Overtone Eagle
The Aquarian Cross comes to Glastonbury Tor.

The significance of the spirit-initiated 'Aeon shift ritual', when the Aquarian Cross was ceremonially brought from 'old' Jerusalem and raised on the Tor at midday on April 21, 1990. Other topics will include the activation of global power sites along the 156 'Jewels of Zion' and the Rainbow Serpent, Second Coming of Christ consciousness and the way of non-duality (Advaita). The evening will include an Earth healing meditation and end with an open discussion.

Simon Peter Fuller. Following a major awakening in Australia, he started his spiritual path in 1985 and after bringing the Aquarian Cross to Britain has traveled intensively across the planet establishing the 'Wholistic World Vision' and explaining the nature of the Second Coming of the Universal Christ consciousness. His book 'RISING OUT OF CHAOS' is the summary of his work.

Thursday November 11th (11/11) 2004 - Blue Electric Hand

An overview of the current dimensional shift and how it is impacting us on a daily basis, using slides to present the findings. Also looking closely at two major crop circles exploring the geometry and significance leading up to 2012.

Michael has been an Architect, inventor, product designer and teacher and has been researching crop circles for 15 years. His forthcoming book is due for release in 2005

Part one

The effects on your health of mobile phones, masts, power-lines, Tetra transmitters and electricity.

Exploring the three elements of electromagnetic pollution:


at the Library of Avalon 7.30pm
Glastonbury, Somerset

The venue is in the Courtyard off the High Street.
tel:01935 414626

For more info on whats going on across the UK...