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The Winter Solstice & the Calendar.

by Mark Heley.

This winter solstice marks the point at which we are just 8 years from the end of the 13 Baktun count of the Maya which ends- by the most agreed correlation- on December 21st 2012. Using Jose Arguelles’ Dreamspell cosmology, it is interesting to look at the last 13 years of the cycle as a 13 step ‘wavespell’ in which each of the years represents a musical tone. In which case, we are about to reach the 5th or ‘overtone’. This is where the spiral tightens in and ‘locks’ on. In practical terms this is where the paradigm shift takes on the force of inevitability. What were seemingly small, scattered groups of people working in isolation involved in pioneering and birthing this new reality will now be brought together by this future ‘nucleation point’ in the highly complex system we call consensus reality. A ‘nucleation point’ is when the major idea behind a culture fundamentally shifts. It may look, at times, like our world is collapsing, but the new science of complex systems theory shows us it is doing so in order to reform at a higher order of harmony.

World changes start small and then snowball. It may seem like little or nothing is happening for those who are not tuned into the frequency of the change and for a while those who are bringing this new world into being may despair that their efforts are not achieving their desired results. Not any more. We are now in a period of synthesis that will build until 2008. What has been birthed since the full moon solstice conjunction of 1999 (when the moon was closest for 133 years ) has now reached the point at which it must take on adult form. Ideas previously thought ‘spiritual’ or ‘new age’ will begin to reach mass consciousness- sacred geometry, crop circles, the Mayan calendar- all soon will be much more widely recognised in importance by the mainstream. At winter solstice 2008 we will shift up another major gear and as the timewave begins to cascade, the third and last major shift in the ‘wavespell’ will occur towards the end of 2011.

Terence Mckenna said to me once ‘People expect the revolution to happen in six months and when it doesn’t they get bored and go back to their jobs. It doesn’t work like that, you have to just keep going.’ Good words to remember in the dark of the year. Just because we may not see the fruit of our labours just yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t coming.

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