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Aloha Fellow earth-lovers,

The Big Green Gathering, Earth Energies Area is hosting this Global Peace Meditation. We are running a day of workshops on this subject on Friday 5th. Please join us in from anywhere on the Planet to gently activate the Earths Heart Chakra. The 'Rainbow serpent' is part of the global Michael & Mary energy lines and are due for some attention. Friday 5th August is 13 Chiccan (Cosmic Serpent) in the Guatemalan Q'uiche Traditional Mayan Calendar and White Planetary Wizard in the modern Dreamspell count. Both quite apt for this meditation. Glastonbury Tor is the focal point, but the Heart Chakra spreads out through the Zodiac and as far as Shaftsbury. Robert Coon was the inspiration for this it is up to us.


check out the 'Rainbow Serpent' crop circle here:

from Robert Coon:

The following is one of the important moon meditations from over the coming years leading to the great Aquarian month in 2008, when the defining patterns of the New Aeon should all be in place. Between now and 2008, any resistance from moribund structures of the fading Aeon should harmoniously be dissolved. During these years, give energy to the new, emerging patterns, and work to purify the old elements.

For purposes of Earth Chakra Activation, each new or full moon concentrates its energies upon a specific sacred site, or earth chakra, area of the world. Whenever possible, try to do these events outdoors, in nature, at a beautiful and inspirational location. Open your senses to appreciate everything around you. Try to dissolve all boundaries between yourself and all other beings, objects, forces, and energies in your environment. With breath and will, draw the totality of nature's magickal presence into your body and into the centre of your heart. Magnify these gathered forces inside your heart with feelings of intense joy and thanksgiving. Then, with clarity and direction of purpose, emanate this multiplied grace outwards, either silently or by prayer, ritual, and invocation, to the earth chakra specified, and to the world and all living beings on the earth. Beyond this, extend your blessings in all direcitons thr! oughout the universe.

LEO New Moon
Friday 5th August

New Moon at 4:05 am, (Our Focus at 11pm with 2000 people ceremony at the 'earth energies' area at The Big Green Gathering. Located at the tin mines used by Joseph of Arimathea).

Sacred Site Focus: PLANETARY HEART CHAKRA Glastonbury-Shaftsbury, England

Spiritual Theme:
"Immortal Child within all beings".
“From the Heart of the Lion emerges courage and great love for the world.”

Extracted from Robert Coons website: (

UPDATE: Blue Overtone Monkey 14/5/05
After months of hearing nothing, Cicada Films have confirmed that there are channels interested in the documentary. So it might well actually get made. For that to happen, there has to be children in it!! Thats where you come in. If you want to get involved, get in touch.

UPDATE: Yellow Planetary Human 4/2/05
Cicada Films is currently in the process of researching and developing a documentary idea about children who have psychic abilities.
Cicada is an award-winning documentary production company with over 20 years experience in documentary film -making.
They are very keen to gain as much information on this fascinating phenomenon as possible and would like to speak to any parent who suspects that their children may have psychic tendencies but would most likely need psychic training in order to fulfil their true potential. They would also like to hear from any parent who is convinced their child is psychic and has had it confirmed to them one way or another.

If you are interested in talking about this subject please contact:
Hugh Newman on: +44 (0)1458 835756 0r email:
Check their website out on: