Chemicals and additives in our water supply have been under the spotlight recently. Fluoride is the main concern. The silicofluorides used in household water supplies are toxic waste from the phosphate fertiliser companies. They contain dangerous amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, beryllium and radionuclides (24). They are all registered as a ‘part 2 poison’ under the 1972 Poisons Act and are in violation of the ‘Offences Against the Persons Act 1861’, which forbids the administration of any poisonous substance (ibid).

Last year, the Government has passed a Water Bill, making it illegal for water companies to ‘not’ add fluoride to drinking water. How this got through un-noticed remains a mystery. Fortunately, the National Pure Water association (NPWA) are on the case. They are running an ongoing campaign to stop compulsory water fluoridation in our water supplies. Check out: to get involved. There is a sense of urgency regarding the safety of our water, and if we, as individuals do not do something about it, we can say goodbye to our drinking water.
The dangers of fluoride are quite spectacular. Dentists still believe it strengthens our teeth, but this is not exactly true. It actually causes dental fluorosis, which is the mottling and pitting of teeth and has been known about since 1936 (25). This image shows the four stages of the condition. From health, to not so healthy:


It also causes skeletal fluorosis, weakened bone structure and is linked to lowered IQ’s in children. Fluoride displaces the mineral iodine which leads to hypothyrodism (sluggish metabolism). It increases the risk of bone cancer in adolescent males; it can cause osteoporosis and has led to hip fractures.

Fluoride has also been found to interfere with the pineal gland and its release of melatonin. The pineal gland is currently becoming activated in humanity, so there is a whiff of conspiracy suggested here. The pineal gland produces melatonin which is linked to psychic activity, maintaining the strength of the immune system, preventing cancer and regulating the onset of puberty. Early puberty has been shown to exist in areas where there is fluoride in the water (26).

As mentioned earlier, fluoride is linked to lower IQ’s in children. This has been well documented in a report by researchers in China. In one community where there were high fluoride levels the average IQ was 98. In the other tested area where the fluoride levels were low, the average was 105 (ibid). An IQ shift of 7 points in an entire population has large population-wide implications, as well as impacting individual member’s, therefore these results deserve close attention regarding what this mass medication is doing to our children’s brains. Babies fed milk formula made with tap water receive 50-100 times more fluoride than those that are breast-fed (27).

To find out if your water has fluoride in it, call up your local water company. Legally, they have to tell you.