Mobile phone technology is on the increase, and so is the number of children using them. The dangers of the radiation that is emitted from mobile phones has got researchers concerned about the potential damage they can cause to the developing brain and nervous system. Scientists have discovered that a call lasting two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards (46). A child’s skull is still forming and is much more porous than an adults and doctor’s fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability (ibid).

The still-developing nervous system and associated brain-wave activity in a child (especially epileptics) are more vunerable to dangers than adults. The repitition of the frequency of 8.34Hz and the pulsing of 2Hz, lie in the alpha and delta brain-wave signatures, respectively. By the age of 12, the delta waves disappear and the alpha rhythm becomes stabilized. So mobile phone use before age 12 confuses the bio-circuitry of the brain and can therefore lead to impaired brain-wave activity (47). The DNA and immune system become degraded by mobile phone use and from the radiation emitted from phone towers (ibid). Cancers, tumors and childhood leukemia have all been linked to mobile phone use. A recent report by the Environmental Health Trust concluded that a few minutes exposure to mobile phone radiation can transform a 5% tumor into a 95% active cancer (48).

There are many devices that claim to reduce radiation from mobile phones, but is it really worth the risk to allow your children to use one?

Mobile Phone Masts are popping up all over the country. Many schools now have masts within their grounds. The potential danger of these masts, when near humans, has got many parents concerned. All independent researchers in the field agree that the radiation coming from these masts are responsible for a rising tide of ill-health and have generally established that 500 metres is a safe distance to be from them. The US, New Zealand and Australian governments have already banned the erection of masts in residential areas.

A friend of mine in South East London campaigned against 02 putting up a mast directly next to her son’s school. She won the battle, but soon found out that the next school down the road had the same one erected there! So why are schools being targeted? The phenomena of the psychic children may hold the answer. The evidence throughout this chapter is suggesting there is pressure on companies to create ill-health, especially in children. Perhaps it is ignorance and mis-use of technology, but the facts suggest there may be ulterior motives behind it.

In September 2002, a group of EC doctors published a document about their own patient’s illnesses and their link to mobile phone/mast radiation, called The Freiberger Appeal. They found “…after carefully-directed inquiry, a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of disease and exposure to pulsed high-frequency microwave radiation…” such as that from phone masts, intensive cell phone use and indoor cordless phones, are linked to “a dramatic rise in severe and chronic disease among our patients”. These include: learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (including ADD and ADHD), extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, heart attack and strokes among an increasingly younger population, alzheimers, epilepsy, leukaemia, brain tumors and dramatic increases in less serious conditions (ibid). This is only a fraction of the available evidence. Other effects include: cataracts, retina damage, eye cancer, rapid cell ageing, cellular DNA repair interference, scalp nerve damage, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, asthma, thyroid conditions, embryo damage, miscarriages and even suicide (ibid).

Transmitters are popping up everywhere. They are even hidden in street signs, fake tree’s, petrol stations and church spires. These following companies secretly erect them: Shell, Texaco, McDonalds, Trusthouse Forte, The Church of England, Branningtons, witherspoons and Network Rail. Boycotting them is a good start, but don’t tell them I said so.


Orgone Generators are a simple to make device that have been recently (re)discovered that transforms ‘deadly orgone radiation’ (mobile phones, phone towers, TV’s etc) into harmless chi (etheric energy, prana, life force). There are hundreds of devices in the new-age market scene that make brilliant claims of a similar ilk. But this one really works and costs virtually nothing to construct. All you need is metal shavings, polyester resin, a double-terminated quartz crystal and a pyramid/cone/cup shaped mould.

To explain this properly, we have to go back to the research of Willhelm Reich, who in the 1950’s was inventing ‘Orgone Accumulators’ and ‘Cloud-Busters’. This was all orgone technology (orgone is chi, prana, life-force) that manipulated the energy force that is all around us and in us. But things have taken a step forward in the last few years thanks to a brave neo-anarchist called Don Croft. He has altered the designs of Reich and others and come up with several devices that reduce radiation, prevent mind control frequencies affecting us and even break up chem-trails that are being sprayed all over our countries. Croft is so notorious now, that if he were to be ‘disappear in mysterious circumstances’ he would become a martyr for the cause. To get a full download of his incredible journey with these devices check It is spellbinding reading.
Small orgone generators called ‘Tower Busters’, no bigger than a plastic cup, are being placed near mobile phone masts to prevent the negative frequencies spreading into human life. They literally transform Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) into healthy Orgone Radiation (OR). The alchemical process outlines how they work. A combination of non-organic (metal) and organic materials are used (the resin is partly organic). The crystal balances the chaotic energy and enables the device to be programmed. When the resin begins to harden it produces excessive DOR, but when it is fully hardened, the frequency reverses and it starts producing healthy Orgone Radiation. Whenever DOR is in its vicinity, it ‘sucks’ it in and transmutes it to OR. An example of perfect alchemy.

These devices can be placed in your home as a general protector and are believed to stretch several hundred metres. Don Croft has got all the stories regarding modern orgone technology, but if you want to get hold of some go to Tim Learmounts website They also produce pendants that can be worn near the thymus gland and increase the body’s orgone field.

‘Lightowers’ are another avenue worth considering. These work in a similar way to orgone generators, but do not draw in DOR. Instead, they produce a huge light-field when they are placed directing north. Depending on the size of the lightower, the light field can go from 75 metres to 75 miles. The entire eco-system starts to change. The overly acidic rain is neutralized and the alkalinity of the water influences growth of vegetation on the ground. In Australia, they have increased yield of crops, accelerated germination in plants/crops, cleaned lakes and ponds, help reduce biological stress caused by microwave radiation and increases negative ions in the air (the good ions).

Plasmodic Products, a company set up in Australia produce the stainless steel devices. The Lightower consists of powerful non-hertzian natural receivers, subjecting the photon (high-vibrational light) to specific proprietory alterations. When faced magnetic north (exactly), the devices act like an antenna and produce a modulated frequency field like a huge dome of light. Other devices they produce are designed to reduce electro-magnetic radiation in offices (computers, strip lights etc), cars and the human body. The pendants, if placed on the thymus gland (above the heart) increase the light field of the body. Lightowers even increase the width of earth energy currents and ley lines. I was introduced by the British distributor and we tested it out in many different ways – muscle testing, dowsing and on ley lines and got consecutively positive results. More stories are coming through about this new technology, so contact the author for information and availability.