Etherium Gold is now at the centre of research regarding learning and behavior disorders in children. These graphics below show electrical impulses of the brain before and after ingesting Etherium Gold. Notice the ‘calmer’ graphs on the right and the balancing of the red and blue. Etherium Gold has been found to work as soon as it bonds with the saliva in the mouth. So before you sit an exam or need to concentrate for extended periods, take a small amount of this incredible substance. Tests were carried out by The Alpha Learning Institute on a sophisticated 2-channel electro-encephalograph (EEG) that measures brain wave activity.

Etherium Gold: Articles and Scientific Reports

  • The Answer to ADHD?
  • Mind Spa Report – 1998
  • Alpha Learning Institute
  • Testimonials

Etherium Gold: Reported benefits

  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Feelings of expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge
  • Increased intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation
  • Increased feelings of Universal flow and serendipity
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective
  • Deeper prayer and meditative states due to entering the ‘Alpha state’
  • Increased feeling of balance and calm
  • Reduced hyperactivity & ‘chaotic’ tendencies in children


EEG BEFORE and AFTER Etherium Gold (3 days)

There is a distinct increase in left right balance and the increased emphasis on the alpha range between 7-10 hertz — the learning wave. It is now accepted scientific fact that alpha brain waves are associated with greater intelligence, enhanced mind/body coordination, greater creativity, and less stress. The effects are virtually identical on all subjects, even when smaller amounts were tested. There are 2 main effects.

1. Increased balance between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This is the “holy grail” of all meditative and martial arts practices.

2. Gravitation to alpha — 7-12 Hz. Higher frequencies declined and lower frequencies increased. This is the “holy grail” of all specialists in reading, memory and learning. The ability to learn is maximized in the alpha range. (44)

The same results have been coming in from various test centres. The Mind Spa
carried out preliminary research in 1998 and got identical results (45).
(see the Mind Spa Report)

It is the connection to children with ADD, ADHD, ODD, autism and dyslexia that has got me interested. Research Director at the Alpha Learning Institute, Sean Adam confirms how effective Etherium Gold is for children with ADHD.

Our research also clearly shows that left-right brain imbalances are predominating in many mental, behavioral dysfunctions such as dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD). It is my professional opinion that Etherium Gold would be of tremendous benefit in any of these conditions and the most obvious answer as a healthy alternative to chemicals [such as Ritalin] with harmful side effects.

Etherium Gold: Testimonials 

The discovery mentioned above was confirmed by a mother of a hyperactive child in London:

“My ten year old son Alex has been suffering from ADHD since he was a tiny child. He was practically born running. Needless to say, his hyper-activity drove me insane and had a disruptive effect in his classroom. I was always being called in to discuss his behavior.

Despite his inability to sit down and focus, I was aware that he was a particularly bright child due to his articulate speech and astute observations, however, he was doing poorly in class and I was naturally very concerned. I took him to a multitude of doctors, child psychologists, neurological testers, behavioral therapists etc.

He was officially diagnosed with ADHD and was put on Ritalin, which I was very apprehensive about having read many controversial things about the drug as well as being personally opposed to children being dependent on drugs. The Ritalin did have an effect. He did calm down considerably. He also had trouble sleeping. But I saw no real marked difference in his performance at school. He was still way behind in spelling and was assigned a tutor to deal with his learning difficulties. This all had a very negative impact on his self-esteem. He struggled so, but simply wasn’t improving.

When I became aware of the various positive effects of Etherium Gold I knew I wanted to try it on Alex as I had been determined to wean him off the Ritalin, as I was feeling more and more uncomfortable about administering it to him. The results were almost immediate. He has now been taking one capsule a day (morning) for almost a year now and the effect has been nothing short of miraculous. He is considerably calmer (not a drugged stupor like with the Ritalin) and most importantly, he is doing phenomenally well in school. His spelling, although still difficult, has improved drastically and he received the highest scores in his class on his SAT’s science exam. Previously he wasn’t interested in reading at all, much to my disappointment, now I can’t keep him in books. If before he couldn’t sit still long enough to read or focus, he now reads for hours on end.

In addition, I present the gold to him as a vitamin, he doesn’t suffer the stigma of being dependent on a drug for his intelligence, which is how he felt, despite my protesting the contrary. I also have been giving him fish oils as a supplement, which I have read helps quite a bit as many children’s brains lack enough fatty acids to function as they should. The combination is fantastic and has changed our lives.

With warmest wishes,

JS, London, England”

Here is another testimonial regarding children with learning disorders:

“I want to thank you for helping our family. My son Brandon has severe Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mental Retardation, and Autism. We have used Etherium Gold on him and got some great results, his attention, hyperactivity, and verbalizing is a lot better. My daughter Brittany has Severe Type 1 Diabetes and a learning disability. We are using Etherium Black with her and have gotten great results as well. Her numbers were as high as 652 and as low as 60. Normal numbers are 80 to 120. Her numbers now are between 90 to 150.I am personally taking Life Source the greens product and have noticed a great difference in my energy, recovery time on my workouts, better focus/ concentration, and higher immune system and lastly my hair, skin, and nails seem healthier.

I can’t thank you enough for bring back my families health. My Education background is Herbology, Naturopathic, Exercise Physiology, and Personal Training with minor studies in Business Administration/ Finance, Marketing, Management, and Computers. I owned ten Nutrition stores for over ten years and seen most of the products on the market and have chosen Harmonic Innerprizes products as the products for me and my family and will recommend them to anybody.

Signed Legendary Results,
David from Minnesota”