Dowsing, especially with dowsing rods, is also known as divining, an ancient divination technique used by people to find certain underground objects without the use of any scientific tools.

Many use dowsing to this day and swear by the technique. Many of the Psychic Children featured on this website are known experts of the technique. Let’s find out more about how this process works, so that you can learn it yourself and use it to find water, valuables or anything else that might turn up.

What is Dowsing?

dowsing rods psychicDowsing is a technique used to find hidden or buried things. It is usually conducted using a dowsing pendulum, a dowsing stick or dowsing rods – which we’ll focus on in this article.

Dowsing can be used to locate underground water, buried treasures, metal objects and minerals. Although dowsing has been present throughout history, and has been mostly used to locate underground water, nowadays, people use it to locate archeological artefacts, and other valuables as well. Some say that this technique has also been used to locate missing persons or pets.

It’s not yet known how this technique was discovered, and who discovered it but those who are practice it swear by it and are still using it even today.

How do Dowsing Rods Work?

One of the techniques that dowsers use consists of two L-shaped dowsing rods, usually made from copper or aluminium, which can be used as sort of antennae or amplifiers that give a reaction at the presence of some energy or vibration in the ground. They are able to signal that there’s a hidden object underground.

Although dowsing rods are most commonly used for water dowsing, if you take the time to learn the technique, you can also apply it to other things are well, and can even use it as a way to get rich by looking for gold and other valuable items.

Just by using this simple technique you can find buried metal, utility lines, sewer lines, water and minerals in your yard. Find out how to master it and make some cash at the same time with the help of some of the experts and online psychics at Psychic Guild.

Who Can Learn How to Use Dowsing Rods and Dowse?

Although there are people who pride themselves on being particularly good at dowsing, and there are even those who have gotten famous for their dowsing skills, if you ask them, they will tell you that anyone can learn the skill. The only essential requirement is that they put the effort and take the time to practice it.

Dowsing is a rare psychic talent that some people possess, but unlike mediumship, clairvoyance and other divination tools and techniques, this one can actually be learned by anyone. So if you’re interested in this technique and would like to use it to find water or buried treasures, here are a few tips that can help you learn it quicker.

Tips on Learning How to Dowse

As soon as you get your dowsing rods, and you start trying them out in your back yard, you’re already one step ahead of many people who are skeptical to even give dowsing a try.

Once you take the first step and you start using your dowsing rods, here are some tips that you can use to stay on track and improve your skills.

  1. Practice. Dowsing is a skill that gets better over time. As you practice and use your dowsing rods more often, you’re predictions start getting more and more accurate.
  2. Ask a Friend to help you out. Ask a friend to bury something in the yard, or hide a bottle of water somewhere for you to find it. Practice locating those objects and once your accuracy improves you can go on and use your skills to locate other objects as well.
  3. Relax. Last but not least, in order for you to be successful at dowsing and be able to locate hidden or buried objects, you’ll need to try and stay relaxed. Loosen your shoulders and your arms and let go of any tension and stiffness before you begin dowsing. This way you’ll allow your brain and body to align with the energy of the buried object so you can locate it more easily.