indigo movie review

INDIGO is a film about redemption, and the healing powers and grace of the new generation of Indigo (psychic and gifted) children being born into the world. Three fateful choices result in bankruptcy, jail, and the disintegration of a family and then lead to a chance for redemption five years later through the healing and psychic powers of the family’s youngest member- a ten-year-old “Indigo” child. INDIGO is about taking responsibility for the choices we make and the thin line that separates success from failure and love from regret.

Indigo film: What is it about?

The film follows the relationship that develops between Ray, played by Neale Donald Walsch, a man whose life and family have dissolved due to a fateful mistake, and his 10 year-old granddaughter Grace, played by Meghan McCandless, with whom Ray goes on the run to protect her from a would-be kidnapper. Along the way, he discovers the power of his granddaughter’s gifts, which forever alter the lives of everyone she encounters.

Indigo film and World Indigo Day

On January 29th tens of thousands of people will join together in hundreds of venues around the planet to send their prayers and support to the spiritually aware children who are focused on creating a new world. Throughout the same day, we are asking people to focus on the children, and to offer them energetic support for their great work.


World Indigo Day: How can you participate?

If you have not yet watched the Indigo film please do so. Also, please set aside some time during the day to focus on the Indigo Children and send them your prayers. Many of these children are sensitive enough to feel the energy we are sending their way, and believe this will offer them a strong energetic foundation to take their mission to the next level. We suggest that you spend at least fifteen minutes in meditation, beginning with this prayer.

The Prayer for the Children of Light

“We are all the Children of Light, and we offer ourselves to the greater service of humanity, knowing that Peace Prevails on Earth through each one of us. We thank the spiritual masters that we know as our children for having the courage to come to the planet at this time to offer their gifts, knowing that we are one with them. As we focus on this oneness, the Light increases and we initiate a world of compassion and peace. Together with the children we SEE the world as healed, and we allow this vision to take root all around us. Bless the children who have come to lead us into the new world.”

Then sit in silence, letting the energy move through you. We also suggest that you be open to any messages the children offer you, since many of them are able to communicate telepathically when we are open. Keep a note pad at your side and write down any inspiration you receive.

Indigo film reviews

A Note From James Twyman:
“It is a profound honor to support “World Indigo Day,” and to help motivate so many people around the world to offer their energetic support to the New Children. I have been overwhelmed by the interest in this project, and I believe that this is a sign of great things to come. The film INDIGO is just the beginning of letting the whole world know about these young masters and the gifts they can offer us. Thank you for supporting this day in whatever way you can.”

A Note from Doreen Virtue:
“So many people ask me, “What’s an Indigo Child?” The movie, “Indigo” answers that question on many levels. I am so thrilled that its premier and World Indigo Day are calling attention to the sensitivity, spiritual gifts, and profound wisdom of these amazing individuals whom we call, “Indigo Children.” Indigo Children are answers to our collective prayers for world peace, and they are earth angels who need our understanding, patience, and support. On World Indigo Day, we thank you for sending prayers to this remarkable new generation of peaceful warriors.”

A Note from Hugh Newman
“I am so touched to help promote this film. I sincerely hope its not a pile of sentimental drivel, or I will challenge James Twyman to a thumb-war and ifs it good I will become a devout follower of his cult.”