There is a true story about two pods of whales on opposite sides of the Planet during late July. It was widely reported that in Sydney Harbour, a group of whales performed to onlookers for hours. At precisely the same time, the same number of whales beached themselves on the coast of Cape Cod in America. Most of these whales died. According to Thomas, the Bulgarian Psychic Child featured in the book “Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children”, in his special Web newsletter:

“We still have time! The universe is trying to show us that we have a choice. Which will we choose? The fact that these two things happened at the same time in different parts of the world tells us that humanity has a unique opportunity. We stand on the brink of a “choice point,” which means that two different words are existing side by side, and our emotions will decide which will remain.”

You can read the complete messages from Thomas on the amazing book “Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children” by James F. Twyman. If you’re not familiar with the book, let me give you a quick overview. 

In 2001, James Twyman travelled to Bulgaria to meet a group of psychic children living at a very special monastery. His book “Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World” recounts this adventure. In this follow-up volume, Thomas, one of the children he met, shares his insights on how to raise a child that exhibits psychic abilities. Over 40,000 people receive regular messages from Thomas through a special Web newsletter, but this is the first time he has provided such detailed information. Other well known authors and teachers have contributed to this special book, adding their insights on how to help our children change the world.

Dolphins and Whales: The impact of choice points

The scientists of the world have been speaking of these “choice points” for many years, though one such as this is very rare. The impact of our choice is beyond anything we can describe. All we can say is that your choice will reveal the path you will walk toward Grace and Enlightenment. The path may be difficult or it may be peaceful. It is up to you. The work the Children are doing right now is meant to make that shift peaceful, but the result will be the same either way. That is why fear is not appropriate, but caution is. You have an important role to play in choosing which of these two experiences will rule. Think of the whales for a moment. One group gave its life to reveal the impact of our choices.

“Will their lives be given in vain? The other group took a step toward humanity, showing what is possible if we make the choice of peace. Do you remember when we (the Psychic Children) told you how you will be able to tell which path humanity has chosen? If the whales and dolphins begin interacting with humans in closer ways, then you will know you have chosen well. But if they retreat and die, then you will know that the road ahead will be very difficult. But your success is assured because the Truth cannot be denied forever. We only ask that you choose well, for today’s children and tomorrow’s.

If you choose peace now and allow your minds to flow into that reality, then the political systems will adjust on their own, and you will see the results of that in the world. Your emotions are the key. It is the tool you will use to draw the chosen world into your conscious experience. Your collective emotions have the ability to influence weather patterns and even end wars. You have done this many times without realising it. If you continue claiming the world you want by “feeling” that world in your emotions, then it will be so. But if you continue to be influenced by the fear that is so present today, then the world will reflect that as well. We, your Children, are asking you to choose love over fear. Then the whales and the dolphins will fulfil their role and give us back the information they store within each cell. It is so important that this happen. The circle of life cannot be broken now. Use your feelings of love to draw the reality you really want. We still have more to share.”

Crop Circles

Thomas’ messages did not end there. Within weeks something appeared in the fields of England that invited another message from this amazing child. On August 14th, at the same time Thomas was sending us his warning about the low frequency sonar that is beginning to destroy ocean mammals all over the world, a crop circle of dolphins surrounding the Earth appeared in Alton Barnes in Wiltshire. It clearly shows two dolphins surrounding a small sphere, with three circles around that sphere. It looks a lot like dolphins symbolically protecting the Earth and the three ‘grids’ that are being strengthened around it. I was fortunate to see this formation with my friend Ben whilst driving through Wiltshire. Check it out for yourself.

Dolphin Crop circle

“Are you surprised that this information is being presented to you in this new way?
These crop circles are communicating with your inner mind, and the message is clear. The Psychic Children have been telling you that we stand at the brink of an incredible awakening, and that the dolphins and whales play a critical role. Why, then, are we trying to destroy them, so that we won’t have to hear their message or receive their Gift? The deployment of the low frequency sonar is how you have chosen to close your ears to their Gift, and to their cries for help. Why else would you seek to destroy their hearing, causing them to beach themselves and die? This is a wake up call, and it is not just from the Children, or even the dolphins and whales. Now it is coming from your brothers and sisters from other dimensions and planets.”

That is why this dolphin crop circle was revealed at exactly the same time these messages are being distributed. What will you do? Will you open your heart and become part of the creative solution? Or will you turn the other way, even though there are so many who are trying to snare your attention? This is the moment you must decide? The Children are pulling humanity to the next level in its evolution, but only if you allow it. There is a code in this crop circle that only your super-conscious mind will comprehend. It may reveal your own role, how you can contribute to the world of peace and compassion.

It is so important that people all over the world see this crop circle, for it will activate you in ways your mind cannot understand. Please send this e-mail to everyone you can so others will be activated as well. It is so important.
This is the time you must respond.”

Sonar Experiments and ET’s

The sonar experiments Thomas mentioned have fortunately now ended 80% of the world’s oceans were having sonar pumped through them to supposedly scan for enemy submarines! But why does America need to scan almost the entire Earth. Surely just around the coast of their own country is more appropriate. Thomas’s message brought this to a mass awareness and helped in bringing these experiments to a close. Joan Ocean, an established dolphin and whale researcher knew all about the experiments way before they were put into practice.

In March 1998 the US Navy performed testing of the LFAS system off the shores of Kona, Hawaii. Groups from our community mounted a protest by finding the Navy vessel, the Corey Chouest, and entering into the water to prevent them from using the sonar array. The fact that they could not use this system while a human was in the water within two miles, is a clue as to it’s inherent danger to dolphins and whales who are more than ten times as sensitive to this proven lethal technology.

In fact, according to David Phillips, Director of Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project, “The Navy’s Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar system has the potential to deafen every marine mammal living in the world’s oceans”. It was apparently the equivalent of standing right next to a Saturn-V rocket take-off. The federal National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approved the granting of “small take” permits to kill and harass whales and other endangered species for the U.S. Navy’s Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar. But was this the real reason behind the experiments? Not according to Joan Ocean:

“Through my on-going communications with the dolphins and whales, I have learned that this sonar weaponry is being deployed worldwide to prevent our brothers and sisters from neighbouring planets from traversing Earth’s oceans. This may sound unusual to some people, but it seems that the ‘E.T.s’ are considered ‘the enemy.’ I know a number of military personnel who have personally witnessed and detected with radar, the ultra-advanced spaceships entering and leaving the ocean. Certain large-brained whales such as the Humpbacks and Sperm whales are in contact with these off-worlders who frequent our oceans and are here by invitation.”

Underwater UFO’s

There is ample evidence to back up the claims of intelligent alien life in the sea and this all suggests there is more going on in the oceans than we previously thought. If you really think about it, the place to ‘hide’ on Earth is the oceans. Plus the technology that is needed to get through interstellar space could easily be used in deep water. (In the ‘Planetary Grid’ chapter, it is explained how ET’s use the ‘Grid’ for their own purposes and have even placed large structures on the bottom of the ocean for their own purposes). Here are some examples that were reported through the media.

“The sightings of UFOs traversing the ocean are not new. On June 18, 1845 according to the Malta Times (Malta is a group of islands in the Mediterranean south of Sicily. A British colony until 1964) “ ….we find the brigantine Victoria some 900 miles east of Adalia, when her crew saw three luminous bodies emerge from the sea into the air. They were visible for ten minutes, flying a half mile from the ship.” There were other witnesses who saw this same UFO phenomena from Adalia, Syria and Malta. The luminous bodies each displayed an apparent diameter larger than the size of the full moon!”

“On 22 March 1870, in the equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sailors of the English corvette Lady of the Lake saw a curious object (like a cloud in the sky). It was a cloud in a lenticular form with a long tail, and it ADVANCED AGAINST THE WIND. This form was visible for an hour, wrote Captain F.W. Banner in the ship’s log. The drawing by Banner in his log looked extraordinarily like a flying saucer.”

“There are thousands of these reported sightings, many with pictures as well. In addition there are reports of bases off the coast of different countries, such as northern South America; Puerto Rico; Russia; under the North Sea; Scotland; Patagonia Coast, Argentina; Azores Islands, Portugal; Spain; Canaries; Canada; Japan; USA; Dominican Republic; Spitzbergen, Norway; Newfoundland and others.”

“For example in July of 1967, a Dutch multi-national businessman was contacted in the Oostscheld, below Amsterdam, by extraterrestrial beings who said they came from a place called Iarga, some 11 light years from our sun as we calculate distance. They were observing us from underwater and they allowed this man to visit the spacecraft in its underwater location. This is a very well documented case filling more than 400 pages of a book called “UFO Contact From Planet Iarga.”

“Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland on February 10, 1951 when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He was about 300 miles from his destination, when … “we saw a glow on the water like approaching a city at night. As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from. It was 15 miles away.” He continues to describe this sighting, as the UFO approached his plane and flew alongside it. “We could see the craft. It had a dome, we could see the corona discharge …… “

“A witness for the Disclosure Project, presented at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001 in Washington DC is Dan Willis, U.S. Navy. He worked in the code room of the communication station in San Francisco. He received a priority message, classified as Secret, from a military ship near Alaska. “The ship reported, emerging out of the ocean, near port bow, a brightly glowing, reddish-orange elliptical object approximately 70 feet in diameter. It shot out of the water travelling at about 700 mph. This was tracked on ships radar and substantiated.”

“There are many instances of sightings such as these, documented in books such as UFO Contact from Undersea by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo (privately published by Wendelle C. Stevens, 1982) ; Underwater and Underground Bases by Dr. Richard Sauder (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001); and Invisible Residents: A Disquistion upon Certain Matters Maritime, and the Possibility of Intelligent Life under the Waters of This Earth, by Ivan T. Sanderson, 1970 (The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio). Also check out Harmonic 288 by Bruce Cathie (Sphere Books 1881), who gives many first hand accounts of crafts entering the ocean and shows how they use the Planetary Grid for navigation.”

Dolphin Merkaba by Francene HartBut it was the piece of information that I received first hand from three women who attended the conference that really made me think. On the day before I left Hawaii, I was invited to the Stargate near Linda Lemuria’s house. I was the only man there and there were seven women. After the ceremony we all sat down and started sharing stories. One of the stories I heard happened only two days ago and only two miles up the coast from Kona. Three of the women who I shared the ceremony with informed me that they had personally seen several UFO’s move erratically in the sky for a few minutes, then entered the sea in an area known to be a resting place of the whales! But these women didn’t seem shocked in any way. They had all seen it happen before. Linda Lemuria reminded me that most ET’s do not bother communicating with us humans; they just go straight to the whales and the dolphins – the true keepers of the planet. 

Francine Hart, artist of this picture, Dolphin Merkaba, told me that the image was inspired by something that two scuba divers actually saw off the coast of Hawaii.
This reminded me of what Chandra said at the conference:

…there is an ark of dolphins on the coast all pointing towards the hotel. The whales are creating sacred geometry grids in deep water…they do the same work under water as we are doing on Earth.

Water birthing

Water birthing has been used by thousands of mothers as a more peaceful way to bring a child in to existence. It gives the child a smooth entrance from the water-reality they have been in for nine months in the mother’s womb, into the world we know and love. But when dolphins get involved it brings another dimension to giving birth. Let’s look at the traditional method first.

Childbirth can be a painful experience for all involved. Babies who are born into a brightly lit, claustrophobic atmosphere with forceps pulling them away from the peace of the Mothers womb, can often leave the baby traumatised. Then gasping for their first breath with the cutting of the umbilical cord seconds later is the second major shock, and all this before it has a chance to connect with the Mother.

A whole new practice called ‘rebirthing’ was created by Leanord Orr so that adults can be regressed back to birth to re-live the traumatic experience. It was quickly discovered that a ‘bad’ birth could have consequences that echoed through their whole life. Rebirthing is now very popular and psychologists sometimes refer their patients to rebirthers because there is nothing more they can do for them. If you think about, birth is the most potent experience in life and if it is not facilitated properly the consequences can be devastating.

The answer seems to lie in the world’s most abundant natural resource – water. The benefits of spending time in water during pregnancy and for the actual birth far outstrip those of a traditional hospital birth. Water relieves the strain of gravity on the body during pregnancy and lessens the nerve impulses to the brain. It also has a calming effect on the mind. Scientific studies have shown that the reduction of pain is so significant; there is no need for epidurals, drugs, or forceps.

Thousands of underwater births have been carried out in France. When they started doing this, they had all the emergency supplies and medical instruments laid out on a table nearby. But they never had any problems for a long time. In fact, for the entire 20,000 births they did not have one single complication. It seems that floating in water is the ultimately natural way to give birth. There are legends and stories of water birthing from the Maoris, the American Indians near Panama, the Aborigines and the ancient Greeks. It is also said that some priests in ancient Egypt were born in water.

Birth with Dolphins

Birth with DolphinsIgor Charkovsky, a Russian male mid-wife has assisted in over 20,000 underwater births, but in 1979 he began experiments with dolphins and children. His daughter, one of the first modern water-birthers, was in her late twenties when the following incident happened. Charkovsky and his team had taken a woman to the Black Sea in Israel for an underwater birth. In two feet of water, preparing for the birth, suddenly three dolphins approached, pushed everyone out of the way and took over. They scanned the length of her body (with sonar?), which somehow relaxed the mother and child and gave birth with no pain or fear. Apparently all the human midwives were pretty shocked though. This opened up the new practice of ‘Dolphin mid-wivery’ which may sound strange, but fits in with the new breed of super-children that are currently coming in to existence.

For some reason, dolphins are attracted to pregnant women and young children and as most people are aware, the dolphins can also help heal people with mental and psychological problems. But the children, who are being born with the aid of dolphins, at least with the cases documented in Russia, are extraordinary children. Most of the have IQ’s of over 150 (genius range again), plus extremely stable emotional bodies and strong physical bodies. They are superior in one way or another.

There are videos that document these babies and children up to age three, sleeping on the bottom of swimming pools. They even come up for air whilst still asleep and turn their heads over the surface of the water, take a breath, then go back to the bottom. It is as though this is their natural home. Some people call them ‘Homodolphinus’ , because they seem to have the characteristics of humans and dolphins. Water is becoming their natural environment, plus they are also super intelligent.

There is ample evidence that humans once had a much more intrinsic connection with water. Charkovsky believes that mans close affinity with aquatic animals can be explained by our common origins in water in our mammalian history. In the book The Aquatic Ape, Elaine Morgan gives a fascinating account of the aquatic theory of evolution. According to Morgan, our aquatic affinity goes back millions of years to the Pilocene age, when our ape ancestors lived a semi-aquatic life on the coastline to escape the extreme heat which occurred due to climatic change. By wading in the sea, our ancestors began to walk upright and lost their body hair and developed a layer of sub-cutaneous fat like other aquatic mammals, to protect them from the cooler temperatures of the water. Today, we still have this layer of sub-cutaneous fat.