The concept of Planetary Grid explains that the Earth is surrounded by an energy matrix which is linked by a series of sacred sites across the globe.

The work on the Planetary Grid is very important and many Psychic Children have told me that this is what needs to be exposed to as many people as possible, so please share this with your friends as you would a good recipe or book.

Planetary grid

The main focus of the Psychic Kids is to help Humanity connect to this Grid. According to Grandmother Chandra:

“We must connect to the crystal grid that has been set up. Focus your intentions and join with it”.

There are several names associated with several Grids:

  • The Crystal Grid
  • Christ-Consciousness Grid
  • Metatronic Grid
  • Acceptance Grid

The Psychic Children know that for us to move smoothly into the next stage of our evolution, we must connect with the energy these grids are offering. There are several subjects that must be addressed to get a basic understanding of what exactly is the Planetary Grid. 

What is the Planetary Grid? 

The Planetary Grid is the energetic lattice that covers our planet. It reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline ‘light’ matrix with harmonic convergence. The Planetary Grid explains that the Earth is surrounded by an energy matrix which is linked by a series of sacred sites across the globe.

The concept of Planetary Grid has been theorized by many, including Plato, ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians. The Planetary Grid is the window that allows all life to accelerate in the graduated light format that is called the ascension.

Planetary Grid and Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition.

Since our planets birth, the grid work around the earth has consisted of a sacred geometry matrix of one of the five Platonic solids. Plato believed that the earth’s basic structure was in the process of evolving from simple geometric shapes into more complex ones. In order of complexity the five patterns theorized by Plato to be the building blocks of crystalline matrix, are the tetrahedron (4 faces), hexahedron (6 faces), octahedron (8 faces), dodecahedron (12 faces) and icosahedron (20 faces). Plato further theorized that the earth was evolving into an icosahedron grid.

Stargates and the connection to the Planetary Grid

Before we get into the Grid, we need to know exactly what a Stargate is, because these are its main access points. A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. Put most simply, it is a sub-space vortex through which energy may pass. This passage of energy is most unrestricted during a solstice or equinox, when the position of the planet is such as to allow an optimal amount of energy through to Earth.

Stargate ceremony: how does it work?

During a Stargate ceremony, cosmic energy is brought into the Earth through a meditation and conscious intention; participants virtually act as “conductors”, by connecting their physical bodies and conscious mind to the energies coming to the planet. New and enlightening information may be brought to the Earth this way. During a Stargate ceremony important ‘earth work’ may also be performed, such as the alignment of the Earth’s Etheric Energy Grids, which is what the Children are involved in.

The Stargate alignments are particularly crucial at this time, as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we continue to move through the photon belt. Stargates allow high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth with ease and grace, and in doing so allow the energies to fully integrate into the etheric grid structures of the Earth. As we are also connected to the grids and the Earth, it also serves as a chance for spiritual growth within the individual as these high-vibrational energies permeate our own energy matrix and can influence DNA mutation and higher states of consciousness.

How many Stargates are there?

There are many Stargates around the Earth and many new ones are appearing as the energetic structure of the Earth is changing. Stone circles, the Pyramids, hill-tops and sacred sites all over the world are recognised as Stargates, but as humans, we need to step in and become the new conductors for this new type of energy. These ‘node-points’ around the planet have been mapped out by such visionaries as Bruce Cathie, Richard Hoagland and the team of Becker and Hagens, but as we will see later, this work does not only need to be carried out at ‘points’ on the grid.

The Vortex phenomenon that happens at these sites depends on certain Solar, Astrological and Galactic frequencies. Sometimes there is more energy coming into the Earth, which is when it is useful for Grid-work. At other times the energy is streaming out from the Earth, usually through these node-points. An example of the later was when a group of hippies were camped inside Stonehenge and the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only their charred tent pegs (from Vanished: Strange Cases of Unsolved Disappearances by Stephen Wagner). David Wilcock believes that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the Vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen. He also believed this enabled the builders of the monument to travel through space and time.

Planetary Grid: Hawaii and the Star Tetrahedron

In the early 1990s Richard Hoagland, a former NASA scientist, had become intrigued by what appeared, in NASA photographs, to be a number of Pyramids and a Sphinx clustered together in a region called Cydonia on the surface of Mars. As his research continued he recognized that Cydonia sits astride the 19.5-degree latitude on Mars, and that furthermore so does the ‘eye’ on Jupiter and the most active volcanoes on Earth which are on The Big Island of Hawaii. (Also on Earth the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan of Mexico sit on the 19.5 line). He was pondering these coincidences when another researcher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, who was primarily interested in sacred geometry, noticed that if you place a Star Tetrahedron (which is composed of 2 interlocking 4-sided tetrahedrons) so that it fits inside a sphere with its points touching the surface of the sphere, then if the two opposite points of the tetrahedrons are the ‘poles’ of this sphere, then the other points of the tetrahedrons touch the sphere at 19.5 degrees north and south of the ‘equator’.

Planetary Grid: star tetrahedron inside a sphere, showing coordinate points

Star Tetrahedron: why does it matter?

The Star Tetrahedron is significant because it is one of the shapes that energetic interdimensional vehicles, known as the ‘Merkaba’ or ‘Light-body’, manifest as. At Planet Earth’s 19.5-degree latitude we have the intersection between the light body of the planet with its surface, and since light-bodies have the ability to connect us to other dimensions, at this latitude we have an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experience. Hence the massive volcanoes on Mars, the eye and Moon of Jupiter, two volcanoes on Venus, a ‘dark spot’ on Neptune, dark cloud bands on Saturn and the Volcanoes of Hawaii.

Jupiter’s red spot and Moon at 19.5 degrees latitude south

Bruce Cathie & The UFO Discovery in the Oceans

Back in the 1950’s Bruce Cathie was working for the New Zealand Military. When he was out flying planes and spending time on boats he kept seeing UFO’s. By 1965 he realised there was a pattern emerging as to the flight paths of these crafts. He became fascinated by this and soon discovered the UFO’s were indeed following straight-line paths. He mapped them out and found a ‘planetary grid system’ over New Zealand and the surrounding ocean. This led him to the realisation that the entire Earth had this ‘Planetary Grid’.

Cathie is not a trained scientist or Mathematician in any way, but upon reading his work, you can tell he has an advanced knowledge of his subject. In fact his work was so far ahead of his time several Government agencies have offered him $millions to sell them his research and to keep his mouth shut about his ongoing discoveries.

A French researcher by the name of Aime Michel had been carrying out similar work in Europe. She had found that the distances between parallel flight-paths were estimated at 54.46 kilometres. Converted to nautical miles, Cathie discovered that the paths were exactly 30 nautical miles apart. One nautical mile is exactly one minute of arc on the Earth’s surface; therefore sixty nautical miles would be one degree of arc. There are 360 degrees in a circle or sphere, so what we have here is a harmonic between the Earth’s Energy Grid and the shape of the sphere – the Earth itself! Perhaps a long time ago it was the Planetary Grid discovery that gave us the mathematics of the circle. Cathie checked his discovery with many other UFO researchers and found that his theory was being taken seriously, much to the dislike of the ‘Government Agencies’.

The oceans held the next stage of his global-grid formula. He had noticed that many reports of UFO’s entering the sea at certain locations. He put these locations onto his planetary grid-map and found them to be crossing points on the grid. But it was a photograph of an unknown structure 13,500 feet deep off the coast of Cape Horn in South America that really caught his attention. It appeared to be a large metal ariel of some sort with geometrically placed bars protruding out from it at certain angles. He checked his grid-map and found that this was also a major crossing point and that the direction bars corresponded with the direction of the planetary grid lines. This piece of information and his research up to that point allowed him to form a detailed version of the planetary grid he had discovered. David Wilcock was the first to point out that Cathie had unknowingly discovered the cube and octahedron inside a sphere – the first stage of the platonic solids within the Planetary Grid.

Cathie’s Grid showing Cube and Octahedron points inside a sphereThe underwater structure and UFO’s entering the ocean links with the research of Joan Ocean. She says that the Government’s sonar experiments disrupted these electro-magnetic lines of the Earth so that the UFO’s could no longer navigate our oceans. It also suggests that there are indeed underwater bases set up by ET’s. Cathie also once saw a fast-horizontal moving UFO ‘fire’ a glowing rod into the sea at a precise vertical angle that defied the laws of physics. He concluded that the UFO had aimed the rod at a particular point on the ocean floor, which could have been linked to the ‘aerial’ found at Cape Horn.


Planetary Grid: The Platonic Solids

The five Platonic solids hold the key to understanding the Planetary Grid system. Already we have seen that the cube and octahedron are present in Cathie’s work. Hoagland unlocked the star-tetrahedron, so now we only need to find the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Here is a diagram of the Platonic solids in a sequence that relates to the progression of vibration, the ancient Indian theory of how they correspond to colour sequence and the notes in a ‘pure Diatonic’ scale. Therefore what they are really showing us is the dimensions we, and the Universe are slowly travelling through. We are currently in the ‘Octahedron’ or ‘Third’ dimension/density and will soon be moving into the ‘Star-Tetrahedron’ or ‘fourth’ dimension/density (Wilcock believes we already have shifted – we just haven’t let go of the third yet).

This gives us an indication of the importance of the Star-Tetrahedron Platonic solid and its relationship to the next phase of our evolution. All the teachers who are teaching the ‘Merkaba’ technique might be on to something. It is as though it is a preparation for the next dimension. One thing that needs to be made clear before we continue is the nature of dimensions. ‘Density’ is a more appropriate word, because it is the third density we are in and not really the third dimension. Dimensions exist simultaneously, whereas densities show a distinct progression to higher frequencies. So from now on, density will be used instead of dimensions.


Planetary Grid: The ‘Octave’ of Platonic Solids


Planetary Grid: The Octahedral Universe

Planetary Grid: The two large octahedra closer to the Milky WaySo if we are in the ‘Octahedron’ Density, how can we prove it? In a scientific paper discussing super clusters, called The Egg-Carton Universe by Drs. E.Battaner and E.Florido an image showing the the shape of a local part of the cosmos. Wilcock, nor myself can believe this is relatively unknown information. This should rewrite cosmology in one go, but what is even more amazing is that this information has been around for over ten years. Does this information collate into the idea that the entire Cosmos is shifting from an Octahedron to a Star-Tetrahedron matrix? It could also give a clearer account of how energy passes through our Galaxy. The lines of force represented in the straight lines in this image could be the ‘Photon Band’ that was mentioned in the DNA chapter. Perhaps it is not a band, but a straight line of force from Galactic centre to Galactic anti-centre. Basically, an area of highly charged Universal energy; the geometric binder of the Universe.

Maurice Cotterell discovered that the Sun also has the same inner Octahedral geometric structure, as can be seen in this diagram. The main sunspot activity is located at these precise geometric points.

Octahedral energy patterns within the Sun

Planetary Grid: The Icosahedron & Dodecahedron Grids

Planetary Grid: The Icosahedron GridThe energetic matrix of the Icosahedron Platonic Solid has been discovered within the Earth. There are twelve outer points on an Icosahedron and Ivan P. Sanderson, found that the locations of these points are places where very strange phenomena such as loss of time and disappearances took place. The Bermuda Triangle is one of these ‘Vile-Vortices’ and so is an area near Hawaii. Therefore Hawaii is on both the Star-Tetrahedron and Icosahedron grid-points and gives an understanding of why ceremonial work is so potent here. It is literally ‘touching’ two of the major geometric Grids of the planet.

Sanderson’s discovery ignited a world-wide interest and three Russians scientists: Nikolai Goncharov, a Muscovite historian, Vyacheslav, a construction engineer and Valery Makarov, an electronics specialist, took on the job of constructing a map that determined the Earth’s “Matrix of Cosmic Energy”. They super-imposed a Dodecahedron onto the map and came up with this result:

Planetary Grid: Dodecahedron Grid

Becker and Hagans improved this map with the help of the work of Chris Bird, who wrote his article on the ‘Planetary grid’ in the New Age Journal of May 1975. They had a meeting with him and they eventually made the Grid compatible with all the Platonic Solids. Here is what they said about the completed Grid:

“These new lines and points, in conjunction with Sanderson’s, now matched most of the Earth’s seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines as well as outlined worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, paths of migratory animals, gravitational anomalies, and even the sites of ancient cities.”

Planetary Grid

Metatronic Grid

The Dodecahedron was mentioned by Chandra at the conference when she said:

“The dodecahedron in sacred geometry will help with understanding the alignments (of the grid)”. The Dodecahedron is the shape in the Platonic solids that looks the closest to the sphere and is represented by the Archangel Metatron, who is the final Angel before God. Chandra also said “Metatron is working with us now”.

This is where Sacred Geometry and the Angelic realm merge. There has been much talk about the Metatronic Grid and how this is related to the Dodecahedron, and now we can see why. They are representations of the Earths grid.

Connection between Higher Chakras and Planetary Grid

This fits into two major parts of the jigsaw regarding the planetary grid and our higher charkas and how they connect. The three chakras above the head are a direct link to the Crystal/Christ consciousness grid around the earth. But what is really interesting is that the 9th chakra is a dodecahedron with the other platonic solids floating around it. Michael Poynder rediscovered this in his book The Lost Magic of Christianity. Here is Poynders description of these three chakras:

8th Chakra – The chakra of the Higher Self, the spirit, the Christ Consciousness. A sphere of blue-white light with hundreds of points in all directions. First manifested as a three to twelve-pointed star, and the eight-pointed star of the Knights’ Templars. Out of this chakra, healing through pure love is possible.

9th Chakra – A golden, oval ring, with the longer sides wider than the shorter sides. Inside the ring, three-dimensional forms appear, one at a time, representing the five elements. The form pictures within the ring represents spiritual power, the binding element, the essence, the dodecahedron. Around the ring the other elements are drawn: earth, water, air, fire. According to some, this chakra is the archetype of the self. Psychics can see a damaged ring in case of illness or ailment. Spiritual healers can apply healing here. The five Platonic solids (tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, cube and dodecahedron) represent the building blocks of reality and the life force.

10th Chakra – Round this sphere, blue cord-like shapes are moving in a jerky way. This chakra is considered the archetype of the Earth and suggests our unbreakable connection with Mother Earth and our responsibility for ‘Her’, for Gaia – the Goddess.

Planetary Grid work

It can now be seen that these charkas are the connector to the Grid, through Christ Consciousness, the Platonic Solids and a love for Mother Earth. These factors represent the divine triad of knowledge that is vital for successful earth grid work. To successfully anchor the Grid energy into ourselves and the Earth, we must be fully conscious and have strong intentions to do so. Calling on Metatron to assist in the process will also help, as will visualising what you want the outcome to be. Remember – we are the ones now responsible for our own evolution. The Children have come here to help lead the way. They are not responsible for our move into the next Density. It is the teacher/pupil scenario, where the teacher just shows the way and the actual work must be carried out by the pupil for his own (and the Earth’s) salvation.

We now know exactly where the Grid is across our Planet. But us Humans, we also influence this Grid so some degree. The Grid is therefore constructed and altered as to where we choose to position ourselves within it. This helps explain why many sacred sites are not directly on the Grid. David Wilcock addressed another reason that the sacred sites are not on ‘node-points’. He believes they are placed at complex intersections or stress points between the Grid and other forces on the Planet. The Earthworks and stone circles were “constructed where they needed to be built”.

When channelling Ra, he came up with this information:

“These separate points had structures built around them in order to make them useful for the purposes of healing and / or planetary balancing. These were the two primary functions, as we have already stated in the Ra Material. So therefore, in going about this in the most complete way possible, we can see that without having done this to such amazing fastidiousness and precision, then the system itself would have been incomplete. In many cases, it was the structure itself that was of highest import, not as much the way that it was built, which was to encode its grid latitude and longitude position.
The structure itself was necessary to be built along certain lines in order to regularize the energy flows therein. And thus, you do see a great many stone circles, or earth circles, as in certain cases, the circle is by far the most adequate energy regularizer for grid fluctuations. Remember that these grid fluctuations are caused largely by the consciousness of the planet’s inhabitants.”

The ‘Earth Circles’ Ra mentioned are widespread around the Planet. Wandlebury Ring, just outside Cambridge is an example that has been officially called an ‘Iron Age Hill fort’. Archeological and astronomical surveying in 1976 by the O’Brians in their comprehensive work The Shining Ones, proved that Earth-circles such as these are placed at precise locations with regard to astronomical alignments and mathematic formula. It was later found out by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst in their book The Sun and the Serpent that a powerful feminine energy line ran through this site – ‘The Mary Line’.

Michael & Mary Ley-Lines from 'The Sun & The Serpent'

So what we are seeing here is that these locations around the Planet have been set up for us to use now. They even have the information encoded within them to reconfigure the global grid based upon the coordinate points of the Earthworks themselves. Ra continues:

And so, this was indeed a very important way of keeping track of their own system of measurements, to then have a living file index, if you will, that allows for the necessary information to be reconstructed at will if even one earthwork was found, and the code then understood to the initiate in dreams and visions and the like.
It is up to us to get out to these sites and spend time being very conscious there. The vortices and lines that connect with these places have powerful effects on human consciousness and on the planet.

Wilcock explains:

“[The lines and vortices] are capable of causing time-space dilations and spontaneous shifts in spiritual consciousness. Now, we will see that the people who lived around them put a lot of energy into determining their precise locations. With the proper constructions in place, the energies of these lines could be harnessed and utilized directly for effects such as levitation and planetary balancing as well as experiments in human consciousness.”

3,300 ancient sacred sites have been discovered on the Bethe/Hagens Grid so far and there are probably many more. So what we have here is an ancient wisdom connecting with modern wisdom. The builders from the past knew we needed their knowledge today, so that we could have a smooth ride through to the next density. It suggests the Psychic Children are the reincarnations of these advanced ancients and they are just continuing their work. As the Earth reconfigures herself, we must keep up with the ‘maintenance’ work to keep her running smoothly. The children know this and this is one of their main teachings. The Hopi Indians knew this too. In one of their prophecies they describe the Earth surface as being similar to the back of a spotted fawn:

As the fawn grows, the spots move and change number. Similarly, every time the Earth Mother sings a new song or enters a new vibrational shift, Her power centers also change to a new configuration, interconnected by a more complex sacred geometry.

The Hopi were onto something. They knew about the shift from the Octahedral Density to the Star-Tetrahedron density. Yes, the ‘spots’ are changing on the ‘fawn’ and we are the ones who are facilitating the final process before the change.